7 Key Facts You Should Know About 5G Technology

5G technology

Do you know that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is knocking on our doors? 5G technology is one of these major developments that will revamp your whole experience of wireless networking with 5th generation state-of-the-art wireless technology. Today’s post will delve deep into this new-age technology to discover 7 key mind-boggling facts about its speed and what it heralds for all of us in the near future. 5G Is All Poised To Take Huge Strides Across The World Soon!

Given below are some of the major statistics and key facts that 5G promises to bring into the world-

1. 1.5 billion users

Researchers point out that approximately 1.5 billion people across the world will have access to 5G technology by 2024.  (cnet.com). Though this might be a bit tough for you to believe but just think of it- 5G will connect 40% of the globe and that is amazing!

2. China is heading the 5G technology race across the globe

As per reports by techrepublic.com, China has made a 2020 investment amounting to a worldwide 49% in 5G and currently is leading its race. CSPs in the nation can seamlessly create 5G networks thanks to the nation’s economic infrastructure, its minimal legal issues, and state sponsorships. 

3. Surpass 4G/LTE by 2022

Gartner has predicted that investments in 5G will possibly surpass LTE/4G in 2022. This is not surprising. Just think of the revenue that major players in this technology will enjoy when it finally gets rolled out. (techrepublic.com) 

4. Anticipated 10 million subscriptions to 5G technology

According to a recent report released by Ericsson Mobility, there will be more than 10 million subscriptions to 5G across the globe by the close of 2019 and up to 400 subscriptions by the end of 2024 across the world. ( ericsson.com). This means 5G technology is all set to be a game changer so adoption of it in the long-term is going to be massive over the years. 

5. 64% of the global population will use 5G by 2024

The Ericsson Mobility Report also states that at least 64% of the global population will use 5G by 2024. Adoption of this technology over the next few years will be an integral part of the mainstream, as a majority of the world’s population will experience 5G first-hand by 2024. 

6. NFL grounds are testing arenas for 5G technology

5G is not just going to be rolled out to the world- it is going to be BIG! NFL stadiums are currently being used as testing grounds for 5G. (Forbes.com). Verizon already has integrated its innovative 5G network in thirteen NFL stadiums and the objective here is to make the game more engaging for fans. 

7. 5G is much more than a speed booster

Tech experts are of the opinion that 5G is loads more than just a boost in speed. It is popularly being referred to as the foundation tech that will increase the adoption of augmented and virtual reality. (cnet.com). Its saga will not stop here- it will also have a tremendous impact on machine learning and artificial intelligence that will result in the widespread adoption of self-driving cars, smart homes, and telehealth services, like for instance, remote surgery. 

5G is surely a cool technology that everyone is looking forward to welcome with open arms.

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