How Do Relationship Boundaries Lead to Happy Relations?

Relationship Boundaries

Everyone yearns for a happy relationship and as famous author Adelyn Birch quotes, “Relationship Boundaries protect the things that are of value to you. They keep you in alignment with what you have decided you want in life. That means the key to good boundaries is knowing what you want”. This quote is true for everyone in a relationship as its boosts mutual respect and love. If you are internally happy, you emit positive vibes and they extends not only to your romantic partner or spouse but to your relationship with others as well. 

What happens when you do not set boundaries in your relationship? 

A relationship without boundaries is tough.  Speaking up for yourself paves the direction for respect and good mental health. It is the highest form of self-care you should maintain in personal and professional relationships. 

When you do not set boundaries in your relationship, you will be taken for granted or worse, manipulated by your partner into things you do not want to do. If limits are not set the relationship might become abusive and toxic which in turn becomes detrimental to your overall well-being. 

Yes, there are risks of disappointments but this can be handled with communication

Setting boundaries mean you also face the risks of disappointing your partner. Say for instance, your partner is into adventure sports, but you are not. Sit down and discuss your dislike for adventure sports with your partner. There are other common interests both of you can pursue together as a couple. Instead of bottling up feelings, take time to express and share. This simple step can go a long way in helping your partner to understand you as an individual better and vice-versa. 

Boundaries are crucial for your workplace too and extends to your co-workers. Sadly, multiple people miserably fail at setting boundaries, and unprofessional behaviour deeply impacts your career trajectory adversely. A recent survey conducted by Udemy revealed that about 37% of workers in offices believe their co-workers are too informal on professional chat platforms. 

Relationship Boundaries promote mutual love and respect 

There is no hard and fast rule for setting boundaries as they are unique to every relationship. For instance, you share financial information and accounts with a spouse or a live-in partner but not with your parents. 

Boundaries help you to give and get respect for your personal space, comfort levels, and limits that you have imposed on yourself. In any healthy relationship, both partners maintain their self-esteem, and are vulnerable to certain things. When they take the crucial step of asserting their boundaries, they are free to feel and act in their own individual way. 

Relationship Boundaries boost the health of your relationship 

Now the next question that obviously comes into your mind- how can boundaries make your relationship healthy?

Boundaries in a relationship is a form of self-care and they play an integral role in maintaining your mental health and dignity. Moreover, it also helps you to value and appreciate your partner as an individual as well. 

For instance, when you know the boundaries of your partner, you respect them as a complete person and this results in your partner opening up to you freely. He/she feels safe and as a result a true connection is built and intimacy between both of you blooms beautifully. 

Learning how to set boundaries starts with communication. So, sit down and talk to your partner and listen to him/her too. Together set boundaries for the betterment of your relationship and practice them. Initially it might seem challenging however, it can start with simple daily habits that can go a long way in cementing the bond of love and trust you harbour for one another with respect. 

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