11 Subtle Signs That Your Partner May Be Falling Out Of Love With You

Falling Out Of Love

Do all love stories have a happily ever after? Well, the bitter truth is NO.  If people fall in love, they can also fall out of love too. However, this falling out of love does not happen overnight. There are some subtle signs that you can look out for to check whether your partner is falling out of love with you or not. Today’s post will delve into 11 signs that you should check to see whether your partner actually is into you or not! Let the healing process start to help you move on…

Given below are 11 subtle signs to help ascertain whether your partner loves you or not. Once you identify one or more of them, you can take a realistic step and save yourself a lot of heartache later on – 

1. They are moving apart

Both of you can be really busy with your work, and not seeing each much can be pretty normal for most couples. However, if there is no effort on the part of your partner to see you or spend time with you, this is a red flag indicating your partner is drifting away. In simple terms, they are not into you as they once were. If they are quieter and interact with you out of mere obligation, it is time for you to sit down and have a talk. 

2. They bicker with you all the time

It is normal for couples to argue or bicker once in a while, however, if your partner is mean and hyper-critical of your every move, it is time for you to reconsider the relationship. There could be several reasons for the above, so talk it out with them in a respectful manner. 

3. They go in the shutdown mode when you want to talk

Even if you want to talk and they are in no mood for discussion, this is an indication that your partner is falling out of love with you. However, give yourself time to check whether this is happening frequently or not. It can happen once or twice, and this is normal, as something might be on their mind. Assess the situation before you sit down for the “talk”. 

4. Sex is rare

If you notice a drop in sexual intimacy and their physical affection with a lesser volume of kisses, hugs, and other normal signs of affection, this indicates your partner is falling out of love. 

5. You see each other less

If you are both living together under the same roof, but your partner hardly spends time with you, for instance, coming home late, going out on the weekends with friends without inviting you to join them, etc, this is an indication of him/her falling out of love with you. 

6. They have become secretive

If you see an upswing in your partner’s need for privacy, this is sure a red flag. For instance, hiding something on their computer, rushing to another room to take a call, etc. Look out for these signs. 

7. Their body language is different

You will find their body language changes when they talk. They avoid eye contact with you and often display signs of interest when you want to talk about something. Compare the body language of your partner with others and observe how it differs from yours.

8. You do not talk about the future together

Both of you tend to discuss less about your future as a couple together like for instance, plans for the weekend, your marriage, etc. If these discussions are occurring less, it is time for you to sit down for a chat. 

9. They turn to other people instead of you

It is fine if your partner opens up to other people like their parents, siblings, etc however, if their dependence on other people are more than you, it displays their disinterest. 

10. They behave as they are “single”

If they behave as if they are single with you never in their conversations with others, it is a red flag that you should consider. If they do not think about you in their short- or long-term plans, it is time for you to move on. 

11. They become angry frequently

They tend to become angry and frustrated with you and petty affairs. If you are the bearing the brunt of their anger and in some rare cases violence, move on instantly. This relationship is not for you!

From the above, it is evident that these signs are an indicator of your partner falling out of love. You should observe them and as and when needed try to discuss problems with your partner. If things do not get better, there is no point wasting your time and energy on someone who has stopped loving on. Move on with dignity and let time heal the pain for you to find someone else who deserves you better!

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