Solo Travel: 10 reasons why you will absolutely love it!

Solo Travel

Traveling with your friends and family may seem like a fun trip, but it may not clear out all your doubts about certain life prospects, as you will not have time to ponder over them while having continuous social engagement. Now you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you hear the word “solo travel”. But embarking on a “solo travel” will turn out to be a life-changing event as most people get a chance to connect with their roots in nature. 

Still not sure? Don’t worry, we have presented 10 reasons why you will absolutely love solo traveling.

1. Closure

A closure is a better understanding of sudden erratic action. One cannot find closure in the middle of his day job or the middle of the night. It takes time and self-conversation to get through the denial stage to accept something. And solo travel offers this opportunity.

2. Freedom

Anyone can find freedom in solo travel, as they are taking a break from their job and going forward without any worries about work submissions, professional meetings, or emergency client calls. Having a free mind will help one shake off their professional attitude and be more humble towards life itself.

3. Mental peace

Professional and personal life can create anxiety and stress. And keeping all that within yourself can explode someday. But, solo travel works as a remedy for any mental decline. Going out into the greeneries will help you forget about the anxiety and stress problems.

4. Less screen time

Everybody creates a different identity (metaphorically) of themselves on the internet and that creates a web of lies. Whether you are a part of it or just an audience, you need digital detoxification. Solo travel will seldom require digital devices as you will be away from modern cell networks.

5. Away from the daily hustle

Solo traveling also makes sure that you get a better less crowded experience. Unlike in big cities, where thousands of people are bustling to get in front of one another, Solo travel destinations offer fewer people and more nature.

6. Know who you are

In the end, it’s all about knowing who you are, and that is only possible when you have to provide for yourself. Nature tests people for their enduring power, intelligence, and patience. 

7. Camping 

If you are traveling in a forest for example or anywhere remote, you will need to camp for the night. Camping teaches you to be mobile and self-sufficient. It also makes people feel proud of themselves as they create their first shelter.

8. Makes you strong

Staying outside of one’s comfort zone will automatically transform one into being more aware of their surroundings. It also forces them to be physically active, to achieve this fitness they start running or boxing or simple exercises.

9. Learning

From figuring out the directions to roughly calculating geographical distances, Solo traveling will teach a lot of things. Solo traveling can even teach you to cook and wash your clothes, only if you decided to travel to a completely remote location.

10. Beautiful sunsets

Watching sunsets at the end of the day is just the cherry on top of the cake. Witnessing sunsets by yourself can be a cathartic experience.


In conclusion, solo traveling is an experience of a lifetime. Following the path that your forefathers did before you, not only makes you feel like you’re a part of your ancient culture but also helps you release your blocked-out emotions.

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