How To Teach Gratitude And Thankfulness To Your Kids? 

Teach Gratitude

The habit of saying “Thank You” is important however, it goes beyond being “just” polite in daily life. It is verbal way for you to express gratitude and appreciate the words or deeds done by some body else. It spreads joys and comes as a ray of light in dark times. Even when the world is negative, there are people and simple things around who deserve to be appreciated.  Gratitude adds value to life, so why not pass this legacy down to your kids? Today’s post will show you how to teach gratitude to kids from their childhood itself.

Kids And The Importance Of Gratitude In Their Lives 

Passing over the good things in life to our kids is the desire and dreams of every parent. So, why not start with the virtues first like gratitude, love, compassion, and many others that are rarely seen today. Your kid can be a beacon of love and light in times when the world becomes dark and cruel. 

Your kid also learns the art of appreciating and valuing others in their lives with gratitude however, you need to take the first step to teach them. Teaching our kids about gratitude is no easy task as they are often too young to understand what it really means. For a parent, getting a young kid to be grateful is a frustrating process, however today’s post will give you a few helpful tips to get started without taking much time!

Practice the Attitude of Gratitude Yourself 

What can be better than be a role model for your kids? Little children love to mimic their parents so your ones won’t be an exception too! Practicing what you preach is the first step for your child to notice you. Saying “Thank You” to them will help them understand the meaning of being grateful, even through they will not realize its deeper significance until they grow older. After every simple word or action, express gratitude to your kid with a smile and loving warmth. They will feel appreciated and will do the same with not only you but others around them as well. 

Create A Daily Ritual For Thankfulness At Home 

An effective and simple way for you to inculcate the habit of gratitude at home is to have a dinner-time ritual. You can sit at he dining table and express gratitude for the food you eat or tell everyone to share something for the day that they are grateful for. Even if they have a bad day, they will pick something they are thankful for. This is an amazing ritual not only for the kids but adults at home as well. For older children, you can practice the habit of gratitude journaling. Here, your kids can make a list of the things they are grateful about and why extend it to the kids alone- you can do it as well!

Discover The Blessings Of Gratitude Even When Times Are “Low”

Even when times are low or dark, you still can practice the art of gratitude- it is a habit worth working on. For example, your child might be sick or you may be ill, however expressing gratitude for the warm clothes or medicines you have can instil optimism even during the bad times in life. Gratitude does not mean blanketing the “bad” or ignoring it completely. It that that silver lining in every cloud that casts over your life once in a while. Your kids will learn this too, and when times are not the way they want it to be later in life, they can pull through with hope and gratitude!

Build Resilience And Welcome Positivity!

Gratitude in life helps you and your kids to build resilience in tough times. It is a virtue to be practiced and shared with everyone. It gives you a sense of balance and joy that the world is not all that negative, and there are things and people to appreciate. 

When you teach your kids the wonderful art of gratitude and its amazing benefits, you are nurturing compassionate human beings into this world. Your child in the beginning might be too young to understand its value however with age, he/she starts to appreciate this simple practice of saying “Thank You” not only to you but to everyone around them to spread joy and happiness every day! 

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