7 Tips Parents Should Use To Develop Public Speaking In Kids

Public Speaking In Kids

Would you like to see your child grow up into an articulate and inspiring orator? Well, if yes, you should encourage your child to develop their public speaking skills to become confident and eloquent speakers. Simply having good communication skills is not enough, knowledge with the right voice training with an emphasis on tone, modulation, intonation, pace, and other components will gradually help your child become a successful public speaker with time. As a parent, you can use the following tips to develop public speaking in your kids- 

1. Start with writing

The fundamental rule of public speaking is to comprehend that language and words are just a technique for you to convey thoughts. It is crucial for one to organize their thoughts and build strong points, especially in a debate. Kids should be encouraged to first write down their thoughts as this helps them to streamline their thoughts and put them in proper order. The sentences can be organized, and they can work on the final speech before they begin to practice. 

2. Tackling grammatical errors 

The key to public speaking is to construct a speech that inspires and is cohesive in nature. Grammar is a vital aspect of any language but encourage your children not to be too obsessed with grammar. A grammar check should be done however, the focus should be more on the delivery of content and not solely grammar. The speech should have proper sequencing so that it sounds excellent when delivered on any podium. 

3. Practice makes them perfect

This is true for both children and adults when it comes to the subject of public speaking. Regular practice is the key to a successful and inspiring speech. While practicing emphasis must be given to voice modulation, tone, fluency, pace, and other important aspects of content delivery. Practicing in front of a mirror is a great way to build confidence and get comfortable with the speech. 

4. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact with the audience makes one stand out as a public speaker, and this tip should be passed down to kids as well. While practicing the speech, they should visualize an audience in the room, and imagine making eye contact with them. Frequent eye contact builds trust and keeps the audience engaged and keen enough to listen to the speech. 

5. Take the right pauses between sentences 

Taking pauses between the sentences will help your child speak clearly and at length without shortness of breath. Meditation helps your child to control their breaths and while practicing their public speeches, they can use it to make the speech sound more engaging and enjoyable. 

6. Feedback helps to improve

Your child can practice public speaking at home with you and the rest of the family. Practicing in front of teachers also help them to build confidence and get the feedback they need for improvement. The efforts to make the public speech a memorable one takes time, so practice and feedback should begin early on.

7. Beat the stress 

As the final day of delivering their speeches arrive, kids do get nervous. They get stressed and often are prone to stage fright, especially if delivering a public speech is the first-time for them. As a parent, encourage your child to beat the stress by playing, exercising and meditation. There is no point of thinking about the public speech all the time. Allow your child to breathe and just practice the speech for an hour daily to keep a balanced mind free from worries. 

Public speaking in kids do not improve overnight. Even the best of adult public speakers practice reading their speeches before delivering them to an audience. As mentioned above, practice makes one perfect, so curb the pressure and motivate  your child to  practice daily so that on the final day, he/she is ready to face the audience with confidence!

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