7 Natural Tips To Improve Kids Eyesight Naturally

improve kids eyesight naturally

The number of children prescribed for power glasses is increasing every day, and kids now have weak eyesight due to excessive exposure to mobile phones, the Internet and TV. Technology is supposed to simplify our lives but children these days are so dependent on it for studying and entertainment, they have become lazy. You hardly find kids going to the park to play as most of the time, they prefer to remain indoors glued to some technological gadget resulting in weak eyesight. Don’t worry as there are safe ways to improve kids eyesight naturally.

As a parent, there are several ways for you to improve kids eyesight naturally. To keep their eyes healthy, you must ensure that your child consumes a balanced and healthy diet. In addition to this, incorporating daily exercise routines and regular comprehensive eye examinations for your child will help you keep bigger issues at bay. 

Given below are 7 natural tips to tackle weak eyesight-

improve kids eyesight naturally

1. Green vegetables

Green vegetables like kale, broccoli, and collard greens are rich in Vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin B12. Spinach is equally beneficial for healthy eyesight as it is rich in antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein. While preparing dishes with them, make sure they are not over-cooked, and they work the best if consumed raw. 

2. Other Colored Vegetables

Vegetables of other colors like tomato and radish prevent the occurrence of macular degeneration (the major cause of cataract and vision loss). Sweet potatoes and carrots are rich in beta-carotenes that give you sun protection and keep your retina healthy. Capsicum boosts the eyesight of your child and zucchini is loaded with anti-oxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that protects your eyes. 

3. Fish oil

Fish oil in tuna, salmon, and mackerel are good for your kid’s eyesight. The retina of the eye is comprised of DHA that is a fatty acid present in fish oil, and its lack causes eye dryness. Giving your child fish oil curbs dryness and prevents eye issues. 

4. Legumes

Lentils, kidney beans, and black-eyed peas should be given to your child for improving eye health. Legumes are rich in zinc and bioflavonoids that curb retina damage. Generally, kids do not like legumes, however, you can include them in tasty recipes that you can learn online from YouTube. 

5. Eggs

Eggs are rich in proteins and Vitamin A. They also have lutein, an antioxidant that battles macular degeneration and reduces the possibility of blindness. In addition to the above, eggs retain the ocular structural integrity of the eye and ensures they function properly. Kids generally love eggs, so give it to them daily. 

6. Fruits

Fruits are rich with Vitamin C and you can get them from oranges, lemons, guava, tomatoes, and other citrus fruits. Strawberries protect your child’s eyes from infections, while fruits that are orange and yellow in color like apricots, papaya, and mangoes are packed with Vitamin A, crucial for the prevention of night blindness. Grapes and blueberries are rich with anthocyanins for enhancing night vision, and helping the eyes to adapt to the darkness. 

7. Seeds and nuts

Almonds, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews are packed with vitamin E and they naturally prevent the cases of myopia in kids. These nuts have omega-3 fatty acids and the presence of vitamin E curbs dryness. Consuming flax and chia seeds can prevent several eye-related issues. 

Your kids do not know the value of a healthy and balanced diet for good eyesight however, as a parent you can introduce tasty recipes filled with the above ingredients for enhancing their eyesight. Limited time on technological gadgets and encourage your child to go outside and play. Ensure you schedule comprehensive eye examinations with your child’s paediatrician so that eye issues can be arrested in their early stages successfully!

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