7 Baby Skincare Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy In Any Season

baby skincare tips

As a parent, it is quite worrying if your baby suddenly develops a skin rash. Babies generally have tender and sensitive skin. They are prone to develop skin conditions like heat rash, diaper rash, and eczema that leaves the skin of your baby itchy and dry. Proper skincare for your baby helps you to keep these conditions at bay, and today’s post will give you 7 baby skincare tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy in all seasons. 

1. Limit baths

Your baby does not require many baths or showers in day. Their routine is not like an adult so ensure your baby has one or two baths a day only. Using baby bath products can also strip their skin of the moisture needed. After every bath, ensure their skin is well moisturized with a baby lotion suited for their skin type. 

2. Powdering

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Powdering your baby after a bath might not be needed if you give him/her sufficient time for air drying the skin. If at all you want to powder your baby after a bath, consider using products that are hypoallergenic in nature, and free from chemicals. One of the most important baby skincare tips is that perfumed and grainy powders should be avoided as they might cause irritation to your baby in the genital area. 

3. Massages

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Massages are an excellent way for you to bond with your new born baby. When you gently massage the skin of your new born baby with natural oils, it helps you to nourish and moisturise the skin. Olive or coconut oil can be used, however avoid commercial products with chemicals as they will cause irritation to your baby’s skin. 

4. Lotions, washes, shampoo and creams

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When you shop for baby products, you will find there are several brands available in the market. In short, you are spoiled for choices. However, you must check all of their labels and ensure they are free from perfumes and dyes. The wrong baby product will irritate your baby’s skin leading to rashes and discomfort. Petroleum jelly is an excellent product to retain the moisture in your baby’s skin, however consult your paediatrician first to check whether it is safe for your baby or not. 

5. Change the diapers of your baby frequently

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Diaper rash is very common in babies so parents should be careful of this. It is a rash characterized with red bumps or patches appearing on genitals or the buttocks of the baby. This rash takes place if the baby has not been properly dried after a bath or has been in a soiled diaper for a long period of time. It also happens due to sweat and a fungal infection. 

Specialists from Johns Hopkins Medicine advise parents to change the diapers of their baby frequently to keep moisture at bay for a prolonged period. In case, you notice the first signs of diaper rash on your baby’s buttocks, apply an anti-fungal cream, petroleum jelly or a cream with zinc oxide. 

6. Keep your baby away from extreme temperatures

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In hot and humid clients, dress your baby up in light, thin, and, cotton clothes. Again, if you are not sure about the weather, use layers to keep your baby warm. You can remove the clothing as per the climate and temperature changes. 

7. Avoid or limit sun exposure for your baby

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Try to keep your baby away from the sunlight and UV rays of the sun. However, if you cannot due so, consider using sun protection. If your baby is 6 months or older, apply baby sunscreen liberally but make sure they are free from fragrances. Like baby lotions, bath washes, shampoos, etc, they should be hypoallergenic in nature. 

Last but not the least, as a parent, ensure you are gentle and extremely cautious with your baby’s skin. Unlike adults, the texture of their skin is much thinner and prone to irritation if not handled in the proper way. Hope the above baby skincare tips will help you in taking care of your baby’s delicate skin.

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