10 Ways to strengthen your marriage

strengthen your marriage

As time passes, it appears that marriage comes down to deciding who takes care of what in terms of the day-to-day nitty-gritty of existence. If you’ve discovered that something is missing between you and your partner and are seeking for methods to strengthen your marriage, here are 10 recommendations to help you. It will take some time and effort from both of you to achieve that goal, but it will be well worth the effort.

1. Spend time together: Spend time with your partner and have a conversation. Don’t do anything else during this time.

2. Influence your partner with your positive values: In this relationship you are the leader as you both act according to your moral, social and spiritual values. So don’t want your partner to change automatically; you should be the one to lead.

3. Make time for date nights, vacations, and quality time together: Work to maintain a healthy relationship with strong communication. tell each other one thing you appreciate about the other every day.

4. Be Intentional: Be thoughtful with what you say to your kid and ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary. I know it may be hard, but resist the temptation of cursing at a signal that was green when you went through it and is now red because yes, kids are observant and they are quick to learn these things. Be more patient:

5. Work to be purposeful in your marriage: Have regular check-ins with your spouse to make sure you are both on the same page. a.k.a. being purposeful. Resolve issues with your spouse quickly, because life can get hectic quickly.

6. Work on your marriage daily: A healthy marriage takes work and regular check-ups. Work on communicating better, being more thoughtful and planning regular date nights. Speak words of affirmation to your spouse regularly.

7. Be Willing to Compromise: If you are about to marry a man or woman who you already have many similarities and – we hope! – differences, think about what you will be willing to compromise about and about what you are not.

8. When your partner is feeling down, try to be understanding and accommodating.

9. If your partner asks you to do something that you’re not comfortable with, try to be open-minded and consider their perspective.

10. If you and your partner are arguing about something, try to be willing to see things from their point of view.

Lastly, don’t forget to Show Appreciation. Opportunities to do this are everywhere. We have the ability each day to show those we work with, our families, our friends and everyone we encounter, some sort of appreciation or acknowledgement for existing or for their assistance or even for a kind act done in our direction. If we implement doing this regularly and with intention (and not as a thoughtless gesture), we will no doubt see marked improvements in all areas of our relationships anew and old. These simple actions are things we can must ALL do and they will take us to places on levels we never knew existed.

In our daily lives it can be as simple as saying:

“Thank you”,

“Thank you that was very kind”

With that, we come to an end for this article. Hopefully these shall help you to build your relationship stronger than before. Do share it with your partner or friends. Also do comment below if you have any suggestions.

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