10 Relationship Red Flags You Must Never Ignore!

Relationship Red Flags

It is easier said than done but no one deserves to be in an unhappy relationship. People often make fun or jokes about their partners but they should never be ignored especially if they are frequent and done in certain situations. Identifying relationship red flags early will save you from a lot of mental pain, time, and heartbreak in future. Today’s post will give you 10 red flags to watch out for when you are in a relationship.

Look out for these relationship red flags warning signs:  

1. Overly controlling your life 

Listen carefully- “I do not want you to meet these friends anymore!”, “I want you to stay at home!”, “Why are you wearing that dress?”- Do all of the above sentences sound familiar? Yes…they are red flags!

You deserve to choose your own friends, go out when you please, and wear what you like. You are an individual and was not born to please others. If your partner wants control, you are in the wrong relationship, my dear!

Controlling people are not only hard to deal with but they are hard to live with as well. Walking out of their lives is the biggest blessing you can do to yours!

2. Trust issues 

Making you feel protected is something but not trusting you is another. If you have a partner who never believes what you say, always is looking after his/her back when you are texting someone, wants to know your email passwords, stalks your FB accounts, and other similar acts, it’s a red flag!

You can’t go on explaining yourself all the time, and do not live under the assumption that its concern for you. Living in mistrust is terrible, over time you will start living in fear, and you definitely do not deserve such a life, so walk out- someone better is out there for you!

3. Belittling you or putting you down constantly

 If you are constantly being put down by your partner, and never appreciated for your skills- this is a red flag. Even in a joking manner, you should never tolerant such behaviour nor accept it. You certainly deserve someone who believes in you and is proud of who you are! 

4. Being selfish and narcissistic 

Narcissists believe they are the best and think only about themselves. They are ego-driven people and lack compassion for those around them, not even their partners. Their needs come first, and if not met, they will get their way at the cost of your happiness. Their motto in life is – My way or the highway! If you are stuck in a relationship with a narcissistic person, save yourself and leave now!

5. Issues with anger management

If your partner has anger issues and you do not feel safe around them, it is a red flag! Many poor people stay in such relationships where they are physically abused as they accept their partner’s behaviour as normal. Never tolerant such conduct, and walk out immediately!

6. Being too co-dependent

 When someone is too addicted in a relationship, this affects your bonding with friends and family. It affects your career development as well. It places a lot of pressure on the relationship and in the long run negatively affects you physically and mentally. Though it might appear normal to most people, this is one red flag to watch out for. 

7. Avoid conflict

Someone who never opens up to avoid conflict in a relationship for fear of a fight will never give you peace. It is fine to postpone arguments for a day or two however, if your partner bottles feelings up and has unresolved issues, this act can really mess up your relationship later. 

8. The lack of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage emotions like an adult. If your partner lacks emotional intelligence, he/she will never show empathy to you. They are guarded and often do not even understand their own feelings or emotions. 

9. Your family or friends do not like them 

Remember your friends and family know you the best, and if they do not like your partner, there could be something they see and you don’t. Have an open mind and listen to them. There could be red flags they see but you fail to acknowledge as you are too blindly in love.

10. Being too stingy, jealous, a bad listener, a liar or even a cheater

 Yes, all of them are red flags, so be careful. During the dating phase, look out for them and if they persist, well it is time for you to find someone better!

If you notice any one or more of these red flags, it is time for you to sit down with your partner and have a discussion. Chances can be given for some of them but not all of them. If things do not get resolved, and they still continue, well it is time for you to stand up, bid adieu, and walk out of the relationship for your own peace and happiness!

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