Life Without Alcohol: When You Don’t Drink, Is Life Really Very Lonely?

Life Without Alcohol

Does drinking earn you more friends? Certainly not!

You do not have to resort to alcohol to combat loneliness or be invited to social gatherings or wine tasting events to meet people.  Today’s post will give you an insight into how you can nurture different interests and meet like-minded people without succumbing to alcohol (if you do not wish to drink) to make friends, read on to know how!

Loneliness is nothing but a state of the mind and you sure do not need alcohol to cure it 

If you look around, you will find that technology has made the world smaller however, there are many people that are lonely today. The sad part of this whole story is that we are busy with smartphones, tablets and other cool gadgets but we do not have the time to talk to the people in our own homes or even take out the time and visit someone. As a result, loneliness and its associated mental illnesses have surged. 

In the post-pandemic era, social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols have made people even more cautious when it comes to physical contact and personal meet-ups. However, with the vaccination drives and people now adapting to the new “normal” things are looking up and you can venture out safely again. 

An unhappy relationship should never be your “excuse” for alcohol 

Sometimes, the lack of a genuine relationship gets you lonely and addicted to alcohol because you want to be accepted in the social circle. It is true that drinking has drastically become a part of the social culture now, but you should not embrace it to combat loneliness or get into a wrong relationship to get over an ex or an unhappy one that you are in. 

At the same time, you should not spend time sleeping or just watching one web series after another to combat loneliness. Venture out and get some fresh air and sunshine. Talk to family, co-workers and neighbors. Remember, man is a social animal and you should always reach out to people you trust if you suffer from the pangs of loneliness. 

To drink or not to drink – the choice is 100% yours 

The choice to embrace alcohol in your life is a personal one and you do not have to succumb to peer pressure to be accepted in a crowd. Visiting pubs and night clubs or just a gathering of friends with drinks at home, does not mean you have to join them, if you do not wish to. At the same time, you should not feel bad or left out if your friends that drink regularly do not invite you to their gatherings. There are many people like you to meet, so venture out and make new friends with similar interests or hobbies as you and enjoy life equally without alcohol 

Combating loneliness in life without alcohol is possible!

Now, if you are lonely in a crowd and wish to make new friends, here are some cool things for you to embrace to feel happy and alive again in a group. Know how life without alcohol is fun when you can enjoy different activities and save money too.

1. Sports

If you are active and love playing sports, join a club and hang out with like-minded individuals who are fond of the same sport as you. There are clubs for every sport like cricket, football, rugby, tennis, badminton, etc, so just run a Google search and find a local club near to your home to join it and make new friends. 

2. Gym

Joining a gym is an excellent way for you to kill the loneliness and stay fit. Moreover, regular workouts not only gain you new friends but you look and feel good as well. When you exercise daily, the “happy” hormones known as endorphins are released into your brain, and so any negative feelings subside, and you start thinking positive again! If you do not wish to join a gym, opt for Yoga and start asanas and pranayama to bring peace and tranquillity in your lives. 

3. Art and painting

Yes, this does combat loneliness to a large extent and thanks to social media platforms, you can connect with other like-minded people on forums and other communities. 

4. Volunteer at charity events

This is an effective way for you to make new friends and care about the community at the same time. Moreover, when you volunteer at charitable events your self-worth increases and you feel good about helping others. You can even join a community kitchen and help them in feeding the poor. 

5. Travel groups

You can always join a travel group and explore new places in the nation and across the globe. Hiking, trekking and bicycle tours are some of the best ways for you to explore nature and its wonderful flora and fauna. 

Besides the above, you can easily make new friends on social media in groups that interest you and make new friends. Loneliness can be cured if you take the first step and venture outside instead of drowning in alcohol or drinking it just to be socially accepted in the group. 

If you have true friends who drink, they will respect your choice and still invite you to their social gatherings where you can always sit and have fun with them with a coke or fruit juice. However, if you have friends who insist you to drink to be a part of the gang when you do not want to, well, it is high time for you to bid them adieu for good and make new friends who accept and respect you for the person you are!

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