How To Be More Likeable And Make Friends Easily

Be More Likeable

Do you struggle to make new friends and want more people to like you? If yes, today’s post is just for you as it teaches you how to be more likeable with simple tips that you can practice on a daily basis. Stay tuned till the end so that by the time you finish reading this post, you can kickstart the process of people liking you on your first meeting itself!

What is the likeability quotient?

You have heard about IQ or the intelligence quotient and you sure know that it is not a reliable way to determine precisely how smart you are. But do you know there is a likeability quotient as well? With the help of certain steps and simple tips, you can actually make yourself more likeable to others! Below are 7 simple steps to be more likeable.

1. Break the ice with a smile 

We all smile in the same language so start off with a smile to someone you wish to talk to or have just be introduced to. This smile should be warm and not wide enough to be a grin or else it will push the other person away. Make eye contact with your smile and shake hands when introducing yourself in a formal setting or just say a casual “Hi” with a friendly tone. 

2. Find common ground

You must have heard of the adage, “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Well, it is relevant when you meet someone for the first time and start to develop a conversation. While talking try to find some common ground with the person so that both of you can naturally talk on the topic without thinking too much or having any sort of awkward pauses. When you talk on common topics you ease up and feel comfortable inside- this in turn reflects outside on your face and conduct. Moreover, people who share the same belief system feel secure in the company of one another. 

3. Humor makes you more likeable 

Those people who use humor on a regular basis are liked more by the other people around them. Crack a friendly joke and spreading the joys of happiness and cheer is a rare quality that a few people have. However, it can be nurtured in you and see the difference it makes to you being a person whose company one would always enjoy. While cracking jokes, just ensure they are not offensive to put someone off or spoil his/her mood.

4. Compliment other people but do not flatter!

Acknowledge the presence of other people in public and always be generous with your praises when you are giving out positive feedback to others. Recognition goes the extra mile when it comes to being liked by other people. At work too, you can be liked by your colleagues by demonstrating enthusiastic team spirit and cooperating with the other members of the team. In short, be mindful about the other people around you to make them like you more!

5. Smile more… it is contagious 

Body language and facial expressions should be aligned with one another so smile more and spread the joy!  As Maya Angelou, popular American memoirist, poet, civil rights activist said people forget what you tell them but they will always remember how you made them feel. In personal and professional life, people enjoy spending time with those they like, so smile more and be liked more!

6. Build a compassionate connection with everyone around you 

The biggest illusion in this world is separation but do you know that every one of us have an abundance of infinite compassion inside us? Connecting to each other without judging will take us into that field of likeability and one of the best ways to survive here is to build compassion. Being a good listener makes people like you as people like to be listened to. 

7. Keep it real 

Being fake will never you earn you good friends and it turns everyone off as most of us are repelled by dishonesty. We generally do not like the people we cannot trust and the same holds true for you as well. Maintaining your integrity is crucial and keeping things real is not a hard effort to put in if you want others to both respect you and like you. 

Keep these simple and powerful tips in mind as they will help you to make friends easily and boost your likeability quotient with success- all the best!

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