How Couples Manage Age Difference When The Man Is Older?

Manage Age Difference

There are cases where you might fall in love with a much older man or vice-versa, especially when blind Cupid strikes, and you actually can do nothing much about it. Naysayers immediately step in o warn you about the consequences and how your relationship will go kaput after some years, however, this is not the truth. You can easily manage the age difference and make your relationship work and today’s post written especially for women will show you how. 

Despite the social disapproval, in most unions, you will find the younger woman is mature, mostly beyond her age, while the older man is playful and still young at heart. In such an age blind relationship, everything actually works out well. Remember age is just a number and there is no rule book that says that everyone of the same age has similar life experiences or maturity. Even if there is a huge age gap like 30 years or more, couples with this generational gap, also manage age difference and make it work and below are the ways as to how. 

1. They agree to disagree

You can make the relationship work by focusing on the things both of you enjoy, and even if issues arise, you forgive fast. With this mutual understanding you can agree to disagree and make the relationship work successfully. The goal here is to make as many fond memories as possible. 

2. Acceptance of differences

This is important for both the people in the relationship. Just because the man is older does not mean that he dominates the relationship and control his partner. The key here to manage age difference is to accept their differences, give each other space, allow one another to hang out with their own group of friends, and accept their individuality without giving up on the love and care that they have for one another. When together, they should support each other and this is how the relationship survives. 

3. Compromise

Balancing things out work and in the beginning it can be hard, but over time when you accept each other personalities, hobbies, tastes and preferences, the task becomes easier. 

Reasons As To Why Some Women Like Older Men 

Let us take a look at the top reasons as to why women are attracted to much older men. May times they are able to successfullly manage the age difference and have a rock solid relationship.

  • Girls tend to mature faster than boys and so when men are still enjoying their wild phases and confused about making serious choices in life, women are ready to settle down. This is one of the key reasons as to why women tend to get attracted to an older man, as they are way past their stage of confusion and ready to give their woman emotional and physical support- the two pillars of a successful bond. 
  • Older men are mature and stable- they know what they want in life and so messing around with their partners is a complete “no”. 
  • They are financially more stable and experienced than younger men, and this is why younger women are attracted to them easily. 
  • They are more experienced, caring and sincere in the relationship so they make their women feel pampered and special. 
  • Older men do not have the youth filled with emotional storms so they are patient and handle problems more with logic than temper. They can manage critical situations better and this results in a happier relationship. 
  • There is a unique attractiveness in an older man especially in the way they present themselves in public- this can really make a younger woman admire them intensely. 
  • The mental, emotional and physical needs of the relationship are better with an older man who values and respects his partner seriously. 

Couples with a significant age difference especially when a man is older do face social disapproval and judgment, however, if they want to be together and love each other, this is all it takes to make the relationship work for both successfully!

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