Effective Ways Mentally Strong People Deal With Rejection

Deal With Rejection

Have you ever been rejected for a date, project, job promotion or anything else that you really yearned for? The feeling is surely not a good one and can drag your spirits down to the dumps in a second. Handling rejection positively is challenging for some people, but it is not impossible if you change your attitude towards it like a mentally strong person does. Knowing to deal the right way with rejection can make you bounce back in life wiser and stronger with renewed zeal. Now, the question is how? The answer lies in today’s post, so stay tuned till the end, to know it!

Rejection often crops up suddenly and out of the blue. So, when it does, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Acknowledge emotions

It is important for you to deal with uncomfortable emotions in a healthy manner. Rejection triggers sadness, disappointments, in some cases anger too. Whether you have been rejected for a promotion at work, stood up on a date you looked forward to, and other such similar incidents, they can drag you down. Mentally strong people do not allow these emotions to control them in the face of rejection. Yes, they feel them but they do not make them a “big deal” and move on. 

2. Rejection implies they are “pushing their limits”

Mentally strong individuals realize they are living their life with zeal and “fullness”, however, rejection once in a while, helps them to stay grounded and humble. 

If you never face rejection in your life, you are living in your “comfort zone” and expect everything to go” your” way. Sadly, this is not how life works- sometimes it is not fair and being prepared for the unknown shows you are ready to face any adverse situation with a positive attitude. The point here is you should always give your “best shot”. 

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes, rejection can give you better things than what you had attempted for. So, deal with the uncomfortable situation with the readiness to bounce back and try again.

3. They are compassionate towards themselves

Rejection triggers negative self-talk that is damaging to your mental well-being. Embrace a kinder and compassionate approach to yourself. Speak to yourself like a good and trusted friend. Yes, it is hard to embrace situations where you have been dumped by someone you truly love, or been refused for a work promotion or a business project you had put your heart and soul into since a long time, but giving yourself a beating down for it, will never make the situation better, will it? Drown out that harsh critic in you, if you cannot do so, turn to positive affirmations, many of them can be found online on YouTube to deal with negative self-talk or chant mantras to help you declutter the mind and deal better with rejection.

4. Rejection does not “define” who you are

Mentally strong people never make a sweeping generalization when they are rejected by others. If one organization turns them down for a promotion or a job offer, does not mean they are incompetent in any way. In the same way, if they are turned down by a love interest, this surely does not mean they are “unlovable”.

Keeping rejection in the “right perspective” is essential for healthy mental well-being, and strong people are aware of this. Remember, the opinion of one person or for that matter a group of people, never defines who you are. Never place your self-worth in the opinions of others, -what you think of yourself is important, so wake up and be positive to bounce back!

5. Learn from rejection

Mentally strong people always ask themselves this question- What did I gain or learn from this? Rather than embrace the pain, they turn the situation for self-growth. Most of the time, they might not be responsible for the rejection when it comes to efforts. They might fall prey to office politics in the workplace if they are refused for a promotion or project. Such realization is not as awful as you think. 

Rejection can be a learning experience about the harsh realities in life and the society where we live in. So, sometimes it might not be your fault, so being hard on yourself, is just a waste of time and energy. Deal with rejection by considering it as an opportunity to learn and become wiser. 

From the above, it is evident that rejection is an integral part of life and crops up once in a while. How you deal with rejection, defines your next move and the choice is always yours, to allow it to drag you down or use it to soar higher, wiser and stronger with time!

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