7 Tips To Deal With The New Omicron Virus Scare

deal with Omicron

It seems that there is no end to the coronavirus pandemic and so, it is prudent to be safe than sorry. Yes, the vaccination drives have been successful, however, there are reports of the new Omicron virus scare surfacing in some parts of the globe. Today’s post will give you an insight into tips as to how you can deal with this Omicron situation to keep yourself and your family protected with success!

Now, it is crucial for you not to be careless. So, make sure you keep the following in mind to help you deal with the current coronavirus pandemic where new variants of the Omicron virus are surfacing now and then-

1. Vaccination

Make sure you are fully vaccinated in whichever part of the world you are in. Prevention is always better than a cure, and the same holds true for the coronavirus vaccinations as well.

2. Always wear a mask when you step out

Make sure you wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth completely. There is no point being silly, as your mask is your first line of protection when it comes to the virus. 

3. Wash your hands frequently

Make sure you regularly wash your hands with soap and water frequently. In case, you do not have access to soap and water, you should use a good quality hand sanitizer. Apply it liberally to keep your hands free from germs. Cover your fingers as well as the back of your hands. After you apply the sanitizer, do not wipe or rinse it. Make sure you do not use the sanitizer while working in the kitchen as it is inflammable and risky. 

4. Maintain the norms of social distancing

When there is a new Omicron variant on the loose, ensure you stop going to mass gatherings. Maintain the social distancing norms of at least 6 feet from another person. Remember, the virus is still around so stay safe.

5. Follow quarantine rules while travelling

If you need to travel, ensure you follow all the quarantine rules to keep other people safe. These rules differ from region to region, state to state and country to country. Be informed about them before you book your travel to and from the destination. 

6. Working remotely

Work from home is a safe option now. Thanks to technology, you should take this prudent choice to keep yourself and others free from the risks of infection. 

7. Never neglect COVID-19 symptoms

In case, you exhibit any symptoms like loss of smell, taste, cough, tiredness or fever for over 48 hours, ensure you contact the closest diagnostic lab for getting an RT PCR test done instantly. They often send lab technicians to your home for sample collection. Never ignore these symptoms or allow them to aggravate. Note early detection is crucial for cure and treatment. 

8. Diet and food 

Here are two bonus tips to help you deal with the new Omicron virus scare when it comes to diet and food

  1. Consume food rich with zinc-Pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, fish and cashews are rich with the mineral zinc and they should be included in your diet. It is an essential micronutrient with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Zinc has anti-viral properties that reduce the ability of the virus to multiple or cause serious infections.
  2. Food rich in Vitamin C– If you examine multiple vitamin and minerals that are responsible for a healthy immune system, vitamin C tops the list. It is called ascorbic acid- a water solution vitamin extremely rich in antioxidants and boosts the immune function. One should consider eating food like guava, broccoli, papaya, kiwifruit, strawberries, citric fruits and green vegetables that are dark and leafy. 

Discipline is the key to stay safe and others protected. This simple step also reduces the load on the healthcare system and ensures the new Omicron scare is handled in a responsible manner!

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