Coronavirus Vaccination Booster Dose-Is it Really Needed or Not? 

Coronavirus Booster

What is a Coronavirus Booster Dose? 

Coronavirus booster is an additional dose of vaccine that is given after the protection of the original vaccines decreases. It is just an extra dose of the vaccine that helps protect our bodies from Covid-19. While the first dose of the corona vaccine primes the body, the second one boosts the immune system. With both of these doses, memory cells tend to remember the virus that is produced. Also, these help if the virus tends to re-infect. 

But with the regular rise in cases, there is a dire need for booster doses to amp up the immune system. The booster dose is essential protection that boosts the immune system of a human body against the lethal variants of coronavirus. The main aim of these booster doses is to ensure the health of people and avoid getting hospitalized in severe cases of the corona. 

Immunity from the original vaccination can easily fade with time increasing the risk of contracting corona. Thus, to ensure safety against coronavirus, it is best to get the booster dose. CDC recommends that anyone over the age of 12 can receive the coronavirus booster dose. This booster dose is to be given after the completion of the primary vaccination. At the same time, the CDC also suggests that some people can receive two coronavirus vaccination boosters. 

Is Coronavirus Booster Dose Necessary? 

Coronavirus Booster

The Coronavirus Booster Dose is highly recommended for individuals who have been previously vaccinated and might not have a great immune system. In addition, many studies suggest that getting a coronavirus booster dose will drastically reduce your risk of contracting corona. 

Besides, the CDC recommends getting a booster dose for individuals who have had an organ transplant or those with a weaker immune response. This primarily comprises the elderly or senior people. The reason for the same is that for such individuals, the response to the first round of vaccinations is pretty low. Thus, they are at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19. 

 Individuals with a weak immune system may not have enough immunity after two doses of the vaccine. Thus, in such cases, a coronavirus booster dose is advised. 

There are a few countries wherein they have started giving out booster doses to various groups. This helps to keep the coronavirus cases in check. 

Who Needs a Coronavirus Booster Dose? 

  • Active treatment for deformities in the blood
  • Individuals with organ transplantation
  • Individuals who have recently undergone a stem cell transplant
  • Various disorders that may cause the immune system to get weak
  • Individuals suffering from HIV

Bottom Line 

Though there is a lot of debate on the importance of a coronavirus booster dose, it is always best to stay safe than sorry. There are no new studies that indicate any grave side effects or problems with the booster dose. Many individuals all over the world have successfully been administered the additional dose and are doing great. With this, we would like to end the article by stating that getting the booster dose would be a wise decision for all individuals. 

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