Top 10 Sleep Tracking Mobile Apps For Improved Sleep

Sleep Tracking Apps

Several studies reveal that 1 in 3 people do not get the recommended amount of sleep. With work, family, responsibilities, and chores, good sleep is often a luxury for many. However, today multiple apps allow you to follow a better sleep pattern. Not only do these sleep tracking apps allow you to fall asleep, stay asleep but also monitor your sleep patterns. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get straight into it.

1. Sleep Cycle – Smart Alarm Clock

Sleep Tracking app

The Sleep Cycle app allows you to record your sleep habits. It makes use of Sleep Cycle Theory where the alarm wakes you up during light sleep. For this, you need to set a wake-up window time. The application senses your sleep movements and wakes you up at the optimal time. 

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2. Relax and Sleep Well: Hypnosis & Meditation

Sleep Tracking app

This sleep application is specially designed by a hypnotherapist. The application ensures users derive quality sleep and monitor their sleeping habits as well. Furthermore, it comprises meditation recordings and six hypnotherapy sessions as well. 

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3. SleepScore


SleepScore makes use of a unique method to track your sleep. Instead of sensing your movements, it uses the phone’s microphone and speakers.  This allows the phone to track your sleep movements. With this, the phone generates a sleep score that defines your sleep quality. 

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4. Headspace

Sleep tracking apps

Headspace isn’t just a sleep helping application. But it consists of many relaxations and meditation stuff too. At the same time, the application has several wind-down exercises that allow your mind to rest. 

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5. Loona

Sleep Tracking Apps

This sleep tracker application is one of the best ones that you can get your hands on. Loona helps you get in the right mind to sleep and allows your body to rest. It has guided sessions with activity-based stories and music. 

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6. AutoSleep


This sleep tracking application is another highly recommended one for boosting the quality of sleep. You can use it with the Apple Watch sensors. The application tracks your sleep quality and duration. Furthermore, it sends you a report in the morning. 

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7. PrimeNap: Sleep Tracker


PrimeNap Sleep Tracker is yet another effective application that monitors your sleeping habits. You can use the application for night time sleeping or afternoon naps as well. Some interesting features of the app include a dream journal, smart alarms and more. 

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8. Calm


This application majorly focuses on meditation and mindfulness. A combination of these will help you sleep peacefully. There are many meditation sessions that you can be a part of. Some of them include topics like deep sleep, combating anxiety and more. 

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9. Walk Me Up Alarm Clock

Walk Me Up Alarm Clock

Walk Me Up Alarm Clock is another intuitive sleep tracker that is designed to help you sleep better. A flip or toss of the phone will cause it to go into snooze mode. And the only way for it to stop playing is through shaking it. 

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10. Medito: Meditation & Sleep


This sleep tracker is an interesting way to keep a track of your sleep. The application allows you to take notes throughout the day that may include what you did, what you ate and more. The application combines all of this information and records your sleep cycle. 

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Sleeping well is the key to a peaceful mind, isn’t it? Yet many struggle with the same. However, with these 10 interesting sleep tracking apps, good sleep is just an app away! 

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