7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy

jaggery pregnancy

Being a mom is more about taking care of yourself in each step— from dieting to adjusting sleeping hours. You are not a kid but you always yearned for jaggery. Should you opt-out of jaggery during pregnancy? Let’s discover.

Do you know, health experts recommend replacing sugar with jaggery to achieve more nutritional values from sweeteners?

What is jaggery?

Jaggery— a sort of unrefined sugar made from raw sugarcane juice heated until it solidifies. In India, jaggery is termed gur

It mixes up in all sorts of desserts— pretty acceptable though. Jaggery can be of many varieties. Palm jaggery, amongst its other variants, is said to have more health benefits

What nutritional value does jaggery contain?

  • Jaggery holds a wide spectrum of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, iron etc. All these ingredients are necessary for bone growth.
  • It contains vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and many more.
  • It exponentially adds iron components.

Is it safe to have jaggery during pregnancy?

It is safe to eat jaggery during pregnancy. It can mainly get rid of iron deficiency. Keeping it in your diet routine can solve poor nutrition during pregnancy.

There is a myth that says eating jaggery during pregnancy may decrease the birth weight of the baby. Set it aside, recent studies show that it can increase the size of the placenta and accommodate a healthy environment for the baby’s growth.

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy

jaggery pregnancy

Jaggery is a natural source of sugar. It can surely be a healthy diet during pregnancy.

  • Regulate blood pressure

Maintaining blood pressure at a normal rate is crucial when you are expecting a baby. Adding jaggery to your routine can control blood pressure, prevent stroke, kidney stones and other cardiovascular diseases. It constitutes a minimal sodium level and offers the required goodness.

  • Enriched antioxidants 

Rich with antioxidants, jaggery can well take care of cell damages and the health of the fetus. However, antioxidants can boost the immune system of the mother and protect your baby from infections.

  • Enhance digestion

Having jaggery can alleviate digestion issues. Its natural sugar ensures secretion of digestive enzymes and hence can trigger proper digestion. It can soothe constipation as well.

  • Prevent anaemia

Anaemia is common among expecting mothers. It is as serious as it is. Anaemia causes when blood volumes increase up to 50% during pregnancy and thus decrease the RBC count. Having jaggery as a substitute for sugar can reduce anaemia deficiency as it can boost the RBC count.

  • Soothe joint pain

Joint pain is prevalent among expecting women. Taking jaggery ensures strengthening the bones and joints. You can bye-bye common joint pain by taking jaggery regularly.

  • Cleanse the blood

To grow your loved one in a healthy condition, you need to flush toxins and waste from your blood. It can be possible if you have jaggery in the required amount.

  • Maintain electrolyte balance

Lack of electrolytes can cause several pregnancy implications. You can sustain it by consuming jaggery as it contains potassium and sodium. 

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