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It’s a race against the prevalent trends and time when you decide to enter the field of entrepreneurship. Thinking of a problem and selling ideas and solutions is not an easy task after all. In the modern economy becoming an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a great amount of focus and resources. Apart from the availability of resources, one should also take expert advice. And the advice given on such matters is usually expensive. So, if you too wish to take a step forward, here are 10 YouTube channels that you should not miss for proper guidance at a minimal cost for planning your startup and come out with flying colors.

1. Crunch accounting

Subscribers: 5.23k

Total views: 5 Lakh+

Having a terrific grasp of your accounts is vital for every small enterprise owner. Main accounting platform crunch makes use of its youtube channel. To help marketers, small commercial enterprise proprietors, and freelancers manipulate their budgets better.

2. The Startup Van

Subscribers: Not available

Total views: 25 Lakh+

This YouTube channel feels inevitable that, at times, you’ll find yourself lacking in motivation, awareness, and creativity. Don’t worry although – the startup van gives the ideal restore, featuring inspiring chats with the entrepreneurs. Behind the likes of wise alpha, headbox, and free trade.

3. Skillshare

Subscribers: 357k

Total views: 1 Crore+

As a small enterprise proprietor, you’re regularly required to wear more than one hat. E-gaining knowledge of platform skillshare’s YouTube channel functions masses of loose lessons. That will help you with something from pitching to product pictures and image design.

4. Shopify 

Subscribers: 244k

Total views: 2.4 Crore+

On occasion, you don’t need to observe anything too heavy. simply a bit of light leisure over your morning coffee. Shopify’s YouTube channel capabilities testimonies of overcoming adversity in commercial enterprise. And earning profits inside the internet era and startup.

5. Robin Sharma

Subscribers: 827k

Total views: 3.7 Crore+

Leadership is daunting, whether or not you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or hiring your first employee. on his YouTube channel, Robin Sharma discusses the whole lot to do with being a frontrunner. From beating procrastination to overcoming self-doubt.

6. This week in startups

Subscribers: 174k

Total views: 2.1 Crore+

Whether or not you’ve been in business for three hundred and sixty-five days or ten. One of the biggest blessings that small groups. And startups have over their huge commercial enterprise opposite numbers is agility.

7. Small business toolbox 

Subscribers: 120.2k

Total views: 8 Lakhs+

Turning into self-employed is daunting for several motives. Particularly in case, you’re doing it for the primary time. Small enterprise toolbox’s andy mac isn’t an accountant – he’s no longer even a solicitor. Yet, he has been self-employed for the long term. And uses his channel to reply to commonplace questions. About his self-hired existence as a United Kingdom entrepreneur.

8. Marie Forleo

Subscribers: 729k

Total views: 6 Crore+

Marie Forleo’s youtube channel is a first-rate aid. To help you observed smarter, develop successful habits, and study new abilities. Listed below are inc’s 500 quickest developing organizations. Marie creates online training packages. That permits people to turn their desires into worthwhile realities.

9. Gary Vaynerchuk 

Subscribers: 3 million

Total views: 277,792,082

If you are something that works for you as motivation on every basis, this is the channel for you. If you want a quick question-answer round you can watch out for his snippers, interviews, keynote speeches and opt for some serious notes that you can implement in areas like personal branding to result-oriented social media marketing. 

10. Tim Ferriss

Subscribers: 870,000

Total views: 63,050,884 

As an entrepreneur, if you wish to get your hands on a great source to enhance your productivity, advice on business, interviews, and much more, your search ends here. Also, if you tend to get bored and try to doze off in the middle, get ready to brace yourself with some really cool and fun stuff amid the videos. 


So, what are you waiting for? Having a productive weekend is not that of a bad idea after all. Go and check out these channels fast!

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