Here Are 10 Best Ways To Learn Free Sanskrit Online

Learn Free Sanskrit Online

Do you know, Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world? However, Sanskrit is regarded as the mother of all languages. The language, Sanskrit, holds an abundance of ancient knowledge varying from astronomy and biology to religion. Learning it has rewards, but due to its minimal use in daily conversation, the language seems to dissolve into time. Here are the 10 best ways to learn free Sanskrit online.

 1. Learn Sanskrit Online

Founded by Vidhyadhar Bhat, Learn Sanskrit Online is devoted to teaching Sanskrit from its hearts. It is an excellent choice for beginners as well as advanced learners— to learn Sanskrit grammar. Vidyadhar Bhat, who is a prominent scholar of Sanskrit, is constantly expanding the portal through daily-updated lessons or teachings. The portal contains free lessons as well as paid ones, which are conducted via Skype.

2. is designed to simplify the process of learning Sanskrit. It is beginner-friendly and the best free platform to learn the basics of Sanskrit grammar. Their lessons include word formation, use of participles, noun stems, the system of compounds etc to learn free Sanskrit online.  

 3. All Things Sanskrit

All Things Sanskrit is your place for learning Sanskrit online— whether you are preparing for exams or just to fulfil your thirst. You will be taught by A.M Ruppel directly, the author of The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit. The website contains free courses— both individual and group. You can easily find discussions on Sanskrit related topics in its blog and participate in them simultaneously. You will receive all the study materials for its courses. Sustaining its extraordinary teaching methods, All Things Sanskrit makes Sanskrit grammar even more interesting.

4. Open Pathshala

Open Pathshala is a dedicated E-learning platform to learn free Sanskrit online. It allows you to learn regional languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Oriya and many more. They even provide courses on Indian culture. The platform encompasses high-quality online video tutorials, Skype classes and live group sessions. You can easily access their courses by using their mobile application. 

5. The Sanskrit Language – Guided Sanskrit Lessons

The Sanskrit Language website is based on the book “The Sanskrit Language” by author Harding Maurer. The learning process is simple— read the lessons in the book and later read them on the portal. It has everything ranging from exercises to additional notes and tips. 

6. Sanskrit for Beginners

Founded in 2013, is the best platform to learn Sanskrit. The platform includes on-demand courses by top-class instructors. Its Sanskrit learning courses are designed for beginners as well as professionals. The courses contain lessons such as alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, sentence formation, conversations and much more.

7. Sanskrit Today

Sanskrit Today is another Sanskrit learning platform. The website has free as well as paid courses for learners. The courses are curated by top-rated Sanskrit scholars. Sanskrit Today carries everything to learn Sanskrit grammar. Their language learning process is very simple and unique. Enrolling on their courses have rewards such as clear doubts on community forums, invitation to attend events in your local areas, exclusive course materials and contents etc.

8. Acharya: Learn Sanskrit Through Self-Study

Acharya is one of the top-class platforms to learn Sanskrit free of cost. The website updates interesting information related to Sanskrit everyday. This platform is best to learn the basic root of Sanskrit through its unique learning methods (e.g learn Sanskrit from our daily activities).


Arshakulam portal is under its development phase, though it contains courses that are specially designed for beginners. However, the course offers a downloadable Sanskrit alphabet Handbook to learn all the alphabets and additional audio links for extra help. The course is free of cost.


The portal is your gateway for advanced Sanskrit learning. Sanskritfromhome portal includes 191 courses— both paid and free. The courses are pre-recorded in audio and video formats. To clear your doubts, it has interactive webinars. The portal offers certificates when you complete any of the courses. The best part is you will get necessary study materials according to the various Sanskrit examination boards.

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