Battling Obesity In Vain- Hit The Treadmill For Weight Loss and Endurance

Treadmill Weight Loss

If you are battling obesity in vain, do not become frustrated or depressed. Today’s post will give you an effective remedy to knock off the extra pounds on your body gradually. You will not feel tired or experience body aches like other intense gym workouts or rigorous exercise programs. So, stay with us till the end of this post to begin your journey to treadmill weight loss in a safe and correct manner.

Better late than never 

The treadmill is an amazing option for you to begin your cardio workout that will help you to shed weight. Moreover, it makes your legs stronger, enhances your endurance levels and knocks off the excess calories from your body safely. However, before starting any exercise regime for obesity, pay attention to your diet. Stay hydrated and do not consume junk food and sugary drinks. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits to support your weight loss goals. 

Sleep is important as well so make sure you go to bed and wake up at the same time daily. Reduce mobile and computer screen time to fall asleep faster. 

Begin your journey towards weight loss 

You can power walk or run on a treadmill. Both of these simple workouts will boost your levels of fitness. Regular treadmill walking or running will help you burn excess calories at a fast rate. 

You can power up the treadmill workout with an incline and adjust its speed. However, if you are new to using a treadmill, begin slow and gradually build up speed and power will time. 

Improve your cardiovascular health 

The treadmill offers you a chance to run faster than you normally can on the road. It helps you to increase your levels of endurance. However, before running, make sure you do not have any ankle or knee problems. Running on the treadmill is a high-impact exercise and you risk injuring yourself. 

Beginner tips for treadmill workouts 

treadmill weight loss

  • If you have just began working out, do not go in for a very high speed. Keep the speed of the treadmill between 2.5 to 4.5 mph. 
  • The speed has to be consistent. If you set a higher speed on the treadmill, you might slip or fall.
  • Start slow and devote 15 to 30 minutes a day for at least three times in a week. 
  • Set the incline of the treadmill to one percent in the beginning to get an extra edge. Alternately, run and jog to get the best results. 
  • Gradually build up speed and try to spend one hour, five days in a week on the treadmill. 
  • You can amp up your daily workout by increasing the incline of the treadmill. 

Try out this treadmill workout for obesity 

You can easily lose excess weight by walking on the treadmill daily. However, if you want to notice results, you must be consistent. Gradually increase the treadmill intensity of your weight loss workout over time. 

In order to do this- 

  • Warm up first with a low speed 
  • Gradually increase the speed 
  • Set the incline to at least one percent 
  • Amp up the speed of the treadmill to 7 and run for a minute 
  • Increase the speed of the treadmill to 8 and run for another minute 
  • Gradually slow down
  • Stop 
  • Repeat the above for at least 5 times 
  • After 5 rounds, walk at a comfortable and easy pace at 2 to 3 mph. 

Benefits of a treadmill workout 

Given below are the key benefits of a treadmill work out for weight loss-

  • You can access the treadmill all the year round
  • Ideal for all ages 
  • You can buy a treadmill for your home and walk or run while watching your favorite show on TV
  • Treadmills have handrails to support you if you are a beginner or are recovering from any injury. 
  • It is a cardio workout that pumps your heart-rate and reduces your risks for cardiac disease and other related issues, chronic in nature. Treadmill workouts also boost sleep, make your mood better and enhances the function of your brain. 

Treadmills are available in most gyms making it accessible to everyone. However, if you like working out at home, invest in a treadmill for weight loss for your personal gym. There are several models available in the market for your home. Choose a good quality brand so that the treadmill is durable and lasts for many years when you bring it home. 

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