How To Select Best Gaming Console – 10 Key Factors: Review And Guide

Best Gaming Console

Playing video games is a favourite activity among all ages of people and seems a part of popular culture. It is estimated that there are 2.5 billion video gamers around the world with the average gamer being 34 years old. Maybe you are part one of those numbers!  For you, It is harder to choose the best gaming console among a wide spectrum of gaming consoles and variants. Here are 10 key factors to consider before finalizing the best gaming console.

1. Cost

Cost is critical when it is a long-term investment. It is rather promising to spend most of your budget on the console only, but other secondary expenses such as peripherals, games and services like online gaming. Why don’t you save some money on buying your most-awaited games?

Tip: Divide the cost into 3 categories: cost of the console, peripherals and purchased games. You can also research online forums to make the best use of your budget.

2. Game type

Figuring out what kinds of games you envy the most, helps you get your ideal gaming console— that you never regret buying. What do you adore— sports games or shooting games? Instead of being lured by shiny consoles, check off if the particular console allows playing the most favourite games of yours.

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3. If you are going to play online?

Online gaming is booming nowadays and most of the consoles allow playing online. Online gaming is basically about playing with multiplayer. To enjoy online gaming, one needs to create an account to gain lots of features. 

The popular gaming consoles, PlayStation+ and Xbox Live have online services respectively (those services come with monthly premiums or free of cost).

4. Performance 

Figure out your level of comfort— whether you prefer 4k over 1080p and 720p, or do you prefer 60 FPS over 30 FPS. It is recommended to buy gaming consoles that live up to your expectations. For smooth 4k gameplay, you can always switch to Xbox.

5. Storage

To avoid lagging between games, it is necessary to choose the maximum storage capacity according to your requirement. To play digital versions of games smoothly, you can always switch to an SSD for some extra storage.

6. Controller

It is the controller that makes your gaming experience cosy. So it is better to choose gaming consoles that have comfortable stock controllers. You can buy third-party controllers, but they are rather affordable than stock controllers. 

7. Peripherals

Before choosing a gaming console, check off its available peripherals. Peripherals are essential to add functionality, especially when it comes to playing VR games.

8. Friends

It is almost certain that you will play games online with your friends. However, having the same console as your friends is always a reward because you can always play with them. The simple advice is– ask your friends which console they are owning right now.

9. Media support

Gaming consoles are not exclusive to play games— you can listen to music, watch movies or videos and so on. Make sure you check off the availability of supported multimedia. If you are willing to buy Xbox or PS4, you have the advantages of streaming Live TV: Xbox allows cable box to the console and PS4 has a streaming application.  

10. Exclusive

It is recommended to look at the exclusives for different consoles before settling to buy a gaming console. It is because— most of the games are exclusive to special consoles. 

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