Digiaware Top Picks: Best WiFi Router UPS Available In India

best WiFi router UPS

The WFH-culture has thrived for the sake of the latest pandemic. It is thoroughly dependent on the internet. You can grasp how crucial it is to maintain a consistent internet connection over constant power outages. It can only be overcome by keeping extra battery backups for your Wi-Fi router. Take a peek at our top 5 picks of best WiFi router UPS— to help you choose the best.

What is a Wi-Fi router UPS?

Wi-Fi router UPS usually provides 3-4 hours of power backup during power outages. The power is switched to battery power instantly with zero lag during power outages. They are portable and easy to use. 

The latest Wi-Fi router includes smart charging. It charges the router battery as soon as it receives power from the outlet. Here is the list of best WiFi router UPS available in India.


Up to 6 Hrs of power backup, Resonate is outstanding for continuous classes, meetings, video calls and entertainment. However, it constitutes intelligent charging and includes over-charging protection— bye-bye to slow charging and overheating.

Resonate is amongst the best WiFi router UPS available for maximum models such as 5V, 9V, & and 12V models. The router adds a one year warranty. For its wonderful performance, Resonate is now able to build happy customers up to 2.5 lacs.


  • CRU9V
  • CRU12V2A
  • CRU12V3A

Note: Check the compatibility chart before you make the purchase.

2. Dr.com Smart UPS

Dr.com is a reasonable UPS. It has an intelligent battery management system that automatically charges the battery when the power is ON and seamlessly switches to the battery during power outages. Depending on the model and specifications of the device, it can offer 6+ hours of backup. The device comes with a bridge cable that supports most devices. Dr.com is a certified product: a consumer-grade CE, RoHS certified. Dr.com comes with a 1-year warranty.

The installation process is super-easy that ends within less than 2 minutes:

  1. Turn ON the device.
  2. Long press the power button for 2 seconds.
  3. Double tap the power button to turn it off. 

3. Mareechi 12V DC Mini UPS

Mareechi 12V is a universal UPS that is compatible with all makes and models of fibre routers. It handily supports 12V models. It comes with an additional bridge DC cable if the model is incompatible with the device.

It is a sleek design and lightweight device (165gm) that comes with a 19wh lithium battery. It offers seamlessly 6+ hours of backup when used with a lower power rate Wi-Fi router. The UPS has built-in protection for batteries such as over-discharge and overcharges.

Keep the power button ON 24/7. The UPS has a charge management IC which ensures the batteries are charged by using different stages of charging (CC/CV/Trickle) and auto cuts off charging when batteries are full.

Note: Before purchasing, please check the backside label of your Wi-Fi router or DSL modem.

4. STARWATT WiFi Router Online UPS

Starwatt is a powerful tool for users who spend a maximum time on the internet. It is deemed for 24/7 usage. It allows 100% online UPS function with zero lag switching. It has built-in CC-CV charging algorithms that ensure safer charging and offer a much longer battery life. 

Its intelligent battery management system charges itself when connecting to the electricity. However, the power line detection circuit of the router speeds switching between power line and battery without any delay. 

Finished with a high-quality polycarbonate enclosure, the UPS comes with 40 cm of cable length. This plug and play design UPS allows with installation. It has a 6 months warranty on manufacturing and operational defects from the date of purchase.

Note: This device will only support 12V Routers/Modems. For 9V or 5V routers, refer to the other models.

5. Zinq Technologies UPS for router

If you want freedom from power cuts, Zinq can be the ultimate solution for your online activities e.g playing games, work and streaming etc. This router UPS is compatible with most of the digital products in the market, including smartphones, laptops, iPad, etc. It has overcharge protection, intelligent charging. 

Considering the price range, 4+ Hrs of backup is quite efficient. It offers 1 year of warranty from the date of purchase as provided by the manufacturer.

Note: Check the compatibility chart before you make the purchase.

So if you are working from home ad want to have uninterrupted remote team calls, go for a WiFi router UPS today.

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