How To Regain Strength With Protein After Recovering From COVID-19?


Post Covid-19 infections one should ensure they focus on eating healthy with the right food. Doctors recommend a high-protein diet for quick recovery and building immunity. Today’s post will delve deep into why protein has to be consumed daily and how it can help you recover faster to a normal life. 

How Does Protein Help In Post COVID-19 Recovery? 

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After the advent of the coronavirus Pandemic, people have woken up to the importance of immunity and health. They are now focusing on diets to build one’s immunity against infections. This is where sound nutrition plays a vital role in helping one combat exposure to infectious viruses like the coronavirus. 

Protein plays an active role in our health and overall well-being. It is an essential macro-nutrient necessary for our body’s immunity to fight infections. It helps patients who are bedridden or inactive after a COVID-19 infection. The human body needs protein for the following functions-

  • Keeps the cells healthy and helps in the creation of new cells
  • Fuels the body with energy and circulates oxygen throughout the body in your blood 
  • Beneficial for the expression of RNA and DNA and its regulation 
  • Supports the movement and contraction of body muscles 
  • Aids in the creation of antibodies to ward off illnesses and infections in the body.

There is no single food that will protect you from pandemic situations however, eating healthy home-cooked meals is the key to protect oneself from falling prey to infections. Balanced diets help you to fight disease and any sort of infection better when consumed regularly. 

A balanced diet rich in protein and healthy fats are indispensable for the repair and the growth of cells in your body. COVID-19 results in severe muscle loss and this is why patients are advised to consume protein on a daily basis. Coupled with good hydration, they can recover from the infection and bounce back to normal life faster.  

It is equally important to manage stress and paranoia during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure your mental well-being.

The Myth Of Chicken and raw Meat Spreading The Coronavirus Busted 

CovidContrary to the widespread rumors across the world, consuming chicken or other forms of raw meat does not spread the coronavirus. At the outset of the pandemic, the intake of chicken reduced as people feared that it caused the spread of COVID-19. The World Health Organization, (WHO) also released a fact sheet on the matter stating that eating chicken does not spread the coronavirus. It is completely safe if you prepare it hygienically and cook it well. 

Food like poultry, eggs and meat should be properly cooked at a minimum heat of at least 70 degrees Celsius. Before cooking, raw meat must be handled with extreme care to avoid any sort of cross-contamination with cooked food. There, as of now, are no case reports of direct COVID-19 infection spreading from an animal to man.

4 Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake Daily

ProteinThe following are some ways to increase your consumption of protein as the body recovers from a COVID-19 infection-

  • Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast with food like oatmeal, soy milk, whole milk, lentils, yoghurt or eggs 
  • Add peas, soybeans or lentils to salads, stir fries, salads, casseroles, soups or salads. 
  • For snacking switch to soy nuts, boiled eyes or a mix of both. 
  • If you are a vegetarian, turn to tofu for your daily dose of protein
  • Readymade protein powder mixes to provide the required nutrition

Spread awareness on the importance of the consumption of protein to your friends and family. Maintain COVID-19 safety protocols, get vaccinated and always cook any meat product well before consumption. In this way, you can build immunity and stay safe from the coronavirus infections in the future. 

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