Presenting 9 Best Products For Easy Nail Care At Home

Nail Care At Home

Even though hands is not the first thing people notice in you, but they do catch lot of eyes. Ugly or tanned hands will not make a good impression. These days with regular use of hand sanitizers our hands are suffering a lot. Going to salon once a month is not enough and a load on the pockets. Here we bring some basic products which you can use for easy nail care at home.

Some of the easy tips which you should keep in mind for nail care at home-

  1. Trim your nails regularly.
  2. Don’t bite your nails
  3. Don’t use local or harsh nail paints.
  4. Wear gloves while washing utensils. 
  5. Eat a protein-rich diet.
  6. Maintain proper hygiene.

Apart from these tips, you must have some essential products to take care of your nails. These products will help you effortlessly pamper your nails and hands. 

1. Hand Cream

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With daily and frequent use of hand washes and sanitizers, our hands have become rough and dry. The alcohol present in sanitizers destroys the softness and upper layer of the skin. To protect them we should regularly use hand creams. They are designed to protect and provide moisturization to our hands. They also help in rebuilding the damaged skin layers and also remove tanning. So for best results use them after every hand wash or sanitizing. 

2. Hand scrub

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Dead skin collect on our hand and may create black joints or patches and hyperpigmenation. It is very important to exfoliate the your hand skin to remove those dead cells. This will reveal the new skin with a glow. 

3. Cuticle trimmer and pusher

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Pushing back and cutting your cuticles, make your nails look best and neat. The angled edges pushes cuticle back and the metal-V in it trims the dead cuticles. 

4. Nail File

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They give appropriate shape to your nails. This also enhances the growth of nails and bestows them with a natural shine. 

5. Cuticle Oil

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Peeled and damaged cuticle makes your hand look ugly. Cuticle oil is an essential skincare part as it provides them nourishement and promotes healthy nail growth. The cuticle oil will heal the damaged, cracked and will hydrate them.

6. Nail Care Cream

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Do your nails continuously break, flake or spilt ? This is your solution. Nail care cream will help strengthen your brittle nails. This will encourage healthy nail growth and will make them look lustrous naturally.

7. DeBelle Nail Hardener 

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If your nails breakoff easily when longer or don’t grow longer then this product will help you. This transparent nail hardener is toxic-free and enriched with argan oil. It protects the weakening of fingernails and hardens them.

8. Nail Paint Remover

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Never scrape off your nails. It damages them and strips top layer nails. Always use a toxic-free and acetone-free nail paint remover. The Colorbar Nail Paint remover is infused with protein and Vitamin B5 to provide it strength and moisturization.

9.VLCC Manicure and Pedicure Kit

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This manicure kit contains it all and will take care of your hands and nails perfectly. You will not have to spend thousands in the salon to make your nails look good. This kit has it all to serve you with perfect hands.

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