Baby Skincare : 10 Tips For Healthy And Glowing Baby Skin

baby skincare

The journey as parents starts when the new-born arrives in this beautiful world. Initial days are most crucial and need extra care, tenderness, and attention. Every day is a new learning experience. Besides taking care of everything, one most important part of parenting is to take care of their baby’s skin. Following are the 10 key tips to follow for your Baby Skincare routine.

1. Understand the skin type

The skin of all babies is usually sensitive and delicate. But despite that, the skin types of babies are also different. They are categorized into three types. Normal skin, sensitive skin, and dry skin. Extra care and efforts are needed for a baby who has dry and sensitive skin as they are more prone to infections, allergies, and rashes.

2. Choose products wisely

It is advisable to use gentle and mild products on babies’ skin. Since a baby’s skin is more prone to skin infection, proper moisturizing on daily basis is essential. It helps keeping the skin of the baby healthy and supple. The products used on baby’s skin should be paraben-free, dye-free, and phthalates-free. Always check the ingredient list before making a purchase for the infant. Chicco is an all-time favorite brand for baby skincare and offers a great range of products. Try below our top recommendations of baby skincare range from Chicco to get glowing and healthy skin for your baby.

3. Limit bathing time

Baby Skincare


Though bathing is the best alternative when we talk about the cleanliness of a baby’s skin. But frequent bathing removes the natural oils of the skin that helps in keeping the baby’s skin soft and supple. Three times a week is enough for the first 100 days. On other days sponge bath is sufficient. 

4. Avoid excessive time under the sun

Vitamin D is essential for improving bone density. But keeping the baby in sun for a longer period can cause more harm than good. As babies’ skin is more active and longer exposure to sunlight may cause rashes and burns. It may also lead to skin cancer in later life.

5. Massaging

Massaging the baby’s body with essential oil helps in keeping the body glowing and healthy. It also helps in improving digestive health, increasing body weight and providing relief in teething pain. Also, it results in quality sleep due to relaxation.

6. Choosing soft fabric

Baby Skincare

When it comes to keeping the skin glowing, soft and healthy, it is always advisable to use soft fabric for bedding, clothing, and diapers. New-born’s skin is more prone to rashes and allergies due to sensitivity. Cotton fabric is generally used for manufacturing babies’ stuff.

7. Keep your baby hydrated

Water is essential for healthy and glowing skin even for infants. Babies’ skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate as compared to an adult. So, it is advisable to keep the body hydrated by providing enough liquid content.  

8. Not getting scared about little things

A baby’s skin is a natural healer and it keeps on changing. Due to the sensitivity of the skin, they are more prone to allergies. New parents should worry less regarding this issue. As the skin undergoes various changes, this protective layer is shed after the first few days.

9. Trimming baby nails

Babies’ nails grow faster as compared to that of adults. Although the nails are flexible, their tips are moderately sharp. And with sharp nails, they can hurt and scratch themselves. It is advisable to trim their nails once a week. Special trimmers are available for infants’ nails. Try trimming their nails when they are asleep.

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10. Using Gentle Detergent

A baby’s skin is far more sensitive than adults. So, one should make sure to clean the bedding and clothes at a regular interval as it reduces the chances of body rashes to a large extent. Always use mild detergents for all baby stuff that contains less harmful chemicals and are fragrance-free. Wash baby’s clothes separately from the family’s laundry.

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