Made in India Traditional Wear Brand for Women : Reviews

Time has evolved from clothes being the necessity of human being to the status symbol. At the same time, clothing has become the style icon. Some people are brand conscious and country of origin of the brand. On the other hand, some are trend-conscious in India. Some like western wear while others prefer Indian attire more.

Let the Indian-ness show! The joy of dressing is in wearing an Indian branded traditional wear! Most of the people in India and from other countries love to purchase clothes from made-in-India brands.
Moreover, in India, brands that offer traditional and ethnic wear play an important role, especially for women and their socioeconomic status.

Let’s look at some popular made in India traditional wear brand for women:

1.Anju Modi Label is a Traditional Wear Brand for Women:

This brand started because of Anju Modi’s love for Indian craft and textile. Her wedding outfits are fabulous because of their elegant designs. All the team members of Anju Modi is as talented as her as it is a group of professionals working under her guidance.

Traditional Wear Brand for Women

( Source: lifestyleasia)

Founder:- Anju Modi

Founded:- 1990

Rating:- 5/5

Price:- The range for the brand range starts from INR 2.5 Lakhs and goes up to INR 5 Lakhs.


2.Anita Dongre Label:

Anita Dongre has a sense of royalty in her all collections which make them unique and beautiful. All her outfits are rooted in tradition and also have modern feels. Moreover, Anita Dongre provides the best quality of material with the luxurious heritage of craft.

( Source: lbb )

Founder:- Anita Dongre

Founded:- 1995

Rating:- 4.5/5

Price:- Anita Dongre’s cost ranges from Rs. 155000 – 500000, making them a good pick for your wedding functions.


3.Manish Malhotra Label:

Manish Malhotra brand is well-known for lehengas and gorgeous cocktail gowns. Moreover, they have outfits designed for both men and women. However, choosing your outfit much before in advance of your occasion is better as they usually take a long time to design bridal wears.

Founder:- Manish Malhotra

Founded:- 2005

Rating:- 5/5

Price:- The range for basic lehengas and gowns would range from INR 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs. On the other hand, the price for bridal lehengas range from INR 5 lakhs and can go up to INR 13 lakhs or above.


4.Tarun Tahiliani Label:

Tarun Tahiliani is another well-known fashion designer whose outfits are both traditional aesthetic and modern. Moreover, their customer service is so good and, also they make sure that we have trials before buying it. The stores are in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

( Source: Vertex INC )

Founder:- Tarun Tahiliani

Founded:- 1987

Rating:- 4.5/5

Price:- The price range varies depending on the request.


5.Anushree Reddy Label:

Anushree Reddy’s collections are known for their elegance in Indian bridal wear. Therefore, the present generations love her collection as the designs that they have are always young and wearable.

( Source: shopanushreereddy )

Founder:- Anushree Reddy

Founded:- 2010

Rating:- 5/5

Price:- Anushree Reddy’s outfit range starts from INR 60k. They have all the outfits from ruffle to layers, pastels shades to red hues and many more.


6.Arpita Mehta Label:

Arpita Mehta is known for her bedazzling mirrorwork embroidery. Moreover, craftsmanship portraits in their beautiful attires and they also provide good quality. At the same time, their customer service is so friendly and they deliver the outfit on time.

( Source: Design Anthology )

Founder:- Arpita Mehta

Founded:- 2005

Rating:- 4.5/5

Price:- Arpita Mehta’s collections are available at different ranges depending on the request.


7.Biba is a Traditional Wear Brand for Women:

Biba is an Indian fashion brand for women and girls with almost 150 brand outlets and 225 multi-brand outlets. For budget-friendly buyers, Biba has become synonymous with ethnic wear in India.

Traditional Wear Brand for Women

( Source: VR Chennai )

Founder:- Meena Bindra

Founded:- 1988

Rating:- 4/5

Price:- Biba outfits starts from Rs.750


8.Soch is a Traditional Wear Brand for Women:

Soch brand is highly recommended as the material of the apparels is worth the price. Above all, Soch brand is known for continuously refreshing its collection with newer silhouettes and ensembles.

Co-founder:- Vinay Chatlani

Founded:- 2005

Rating:- 4/5

Price:- Starting price is around Rs.600-700.


9.Fab India is a Traditional Wear Brand for Women:

Fab India is one of the best places to shop for suits and tops. In addition, the products are natural, craft-based, contemporary, and affordable.

Co-founder:- John Bissell

Founded:- 1960

Rating:- 4.5/5

Price:- Starting price is around Rs.300-500


10.Melange is a Traditional Wear Brand for Women:

Melange brand is well-known for its Kurtis. They provide good designs at affordable prices and the fabric of the clothes is really good. Moreover, this brand announced Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador. Also, traditional paisley recreated a contemporary version with different styles. At the same time, they have accents of gold prints, embellishments, and jewel tones come together to make every special occasion even more elegant.

Founder:- Sangita Sinh Kathiwada

Founded:- 2000

Rating:- 4/5

Price:- Melange outfits starts from Rs.299


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