5 Must-Know Minecraft Hacks to Kickstart Your Journey

Minecraft Hacks

Beginning to play Minecraft for the first time? Are you having a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that it might be too late to begin playing Minecraft, a game that originally launched way back in May 2009? Well, you may find some peace of mind with the fact that even though it launched a decade back, it has found popularity in the gaming industry very recently and is surely not going to lose the fame before another decade. With its recent update, dated 8th June 2021, Minecraft has successfully grabbed eyeballs of even more people, further enhancing its reach. An enormous amount of audience is now looking out for gameplays of this updated version. So, it’s never too late for you to begin your journey in the amazing world of Minecraft. Here are some carefully curated Minecraft Hacks and Tips you must practice and master so as to kickstart your Minecraft journey and be a Pro Gamer from the start!

Minecraft Hacks

1. Water Bucket Trick

One of the most favourite hacks of all Minecraft players is the water bucket trick. It helps you avoid fall damage and death, which makes it extremely essential hack for speedruns and hardcore mode gaming.

2. Collect as Many Beds as Possible!

Beds work like TNT bomb in Nether and End World. They can cause a massive damage to the Ender Dragon. Only caution you must take is to quickly move back as it has the potential to kill you!

3. Snowballs are an Amazing Weapon!

Snowballs can effectively cause damage to the enemy from a distance. You can easily hide behind a pillar and safely cause damage to Ender Dragon with snowballs.

4. Carry Water at all Times!

Water is not only useful for water bucket trick, but also exceptionally helpful in avoiding enemies! Most of the enemies, such as Bee, Creepers and even Enderman fear water. You can use water for fishing as well! So at times, when you run out of food, you can easily do some fishing and get fishes for food! Moreover, if used wisely, you can use water to ascend and descend from high places, without requiring to build ladders or digging up. You need absolutely nothing except a block of water!

5. Make Farms!

In Minecraft world, you can not only build vegetable, fruit and animal farms but also XP, Iron, Wood, Eggs and Gun Powder farm. The game permits the gamers to build various types of farms which then works like an unlimited source. Once you build these farms, all you need to do is to be AFK (Away from Keyboard) for a while and all your chests will be filled with the required material.

Pro Tip: Killing animals in the Minecraft world is a quick method of increasing XP.

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