Right Eye Twitching : Its Meaning and Myths in different cultures?

right eye twitching

Eye twitching myths are famous across the world. Different cultures have different myths for right eye twitching and left eye twitching. Some people believe in these myths, some just hear them as fun stories and some don’t believe them at all.

So what is eye twitching? 

Eye twitching is an involuntary muscular contraction of your upper or lower or both eyelids. Generally, it is due to stress or having excessive caffeine or improper sleep. No exact scientific reason is present. But there are many cultures that give you the meaning of your eye twitching. 

Let’s see what are the various beliefs of different cultures in relation to right eye twitching.


According to Indian astrology, eye twitching is considered an omen which indicates future predictions. In Indian culture meaning of right eye, twitching varies on the basis of gender. 

  • Right eye twitching of females means a sign of ill health or bad luck.
  • For men, it means he would soon meet his loved one or partner. It could also mean that his longing dream would come true soon.


In China, twitching of the right eye generally means bad luck or disaster. The twitching of the left eye indicates good luck and prosperity. In Chinese tradition meaning of the right twitching eye also varies according to time of the day. Different times of the day indicate different things. Here is the list:

11 P.M – 1 A.M You will receive an invitation.
1 A.M- 3 A.M Someone is missing you.
3 A.M-  5 A.M Something good will happen soon.
5 A.M – 7 A.M Today is a good day for you.
7 A.M – 9 A.M You will lose something valuable or get injured.
9 A.M- 11 A.M You will indulge in a heated argument.
11 A.M – 1 P.M You will have some bad luck.
1 P.M – 3 P.M You will experience something positive.
3 P.M – 5 P.M Your crush or someone who has a crush on you is thinking of you.
5 P.M- 7 P.M You will meet a foreigner soon.
7 P.M- 9 P.M You will go to a grand party.
9 P.M – 11 P.M You might have some trouble with the court or police.

West Indies

In the West Indies, eye twitching is called eye jumping. The myths of eye twitching are mostly famous in the Trinidad area of the West Indies. Their culture widely believes if the right eye is twitching it is good luck and left eye twitching indicates bad luck. In their culture, if the right eye jumps then the following things can possibly happen:

  • You will hear some good news soon.
  • Someone is talking about you right now(when your right eye jumps), mostly good things.
  • You will accidentally meet someone you have not seen you in a long time.


In African culture twitching of the right eye means good luck. If the upper eye lid twitches it means unexpected visitor and if the lower eyelid twitches it means you will soon cry about something.


According to Hawaiian culture, if the right eye twitches it means a child will be born in the family soon. 

Medical Attention 

There are several myths from various cultures about eye twitching. There are many fun stories related to this myth. But eye twitching can be a serious problem if does not stop after a day or is repeating itself frequently.

How you can stop eye twitching?

  • Stay well hydrated
  • Get enough sleep
  • Lower the caffeine, alcohol, or cigarette intake
  • Do cold compresses
  • Reduce the screen time of mobile, laptops, and television.

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