5 Practical Ways To Overcome Nervousness At Exams & Interviews

Overcome Nervousness

Exams are not easy for you to handle and if you get those knots in your stomach, you sure are not alone. Feeling overwhelmed with all the revisions and late nights burning the midnight oil is all but natural for everyone mostly. Today, our guide will give you some effective and practical tips on how you can overcome nervousness and keep examination stress buds away successfully.

Beat the nervousness out of your mind!!!

When you are stressed, the brain in the body releases a chemical called cortisol that completely clouds your thinking abilities. The following are the ways via which you can eliminate cortisol and improve your focus and productivity before an examination-

1. Time-management

This is the first of the lot to overcome nervousness. You need to create a list of priorities when it comes to revision of your subjects and workload. This brings down your levels of anxiety big-time. It also ensures that your important stuff is covered giving you the much-needed relief you need. Effective time management not only will help you before your examinations but it goes the extra mile to aid you in your personal and future professional life as well. The trick here is to start now.

Tip- You can draw a diagram with exam dates and the topics you need to cover. This gives you a complete picture on how much time you have left for every subject. In this way, you can plan accordingly.

2. Timetable for subject revision

This is pretty close to the tip suggestion in the previous point. However, if you wish to be super-prepared for your examination, chalk out a timetable and create daily do-to-lists for studying. This will keep you focused and organized. Keep them in front of you so that you hardly get distracted. This tricks your brain and you get committed to the routine helping you to beat nervousness during examinations as you are all geared up to perform well.

The trick here is to start now.

Tip- Practice some mock tests at home and keep the first point in mind. One of the biggest reasons for you to feel nervous on the day of the examination is you do not know what to expect.

For ideas, go through the essay or the assignment titles your teachers made you practice. Think of the other questions that can be the same to them. Get hold of some model question papers and practice, practice and practice as much as you can!

3. Eat and exercise

The two most powerful mantras for mind and body balance. When you have high amounts of pressure, nervousness and stress, the last thing that comes to your mind is exercise and healthy food. Having your examinations round the corner does not mean that you do not pay attention to your body at all.

Daily exercises release the “feel-good” hormones called endorphins in the body and this helps you to keep fears, anxiety and in some rare cases depression at bay too. Get up and go for a jog, cycle, swim or even just talk a brisk walk in the neighborhood. If you have a gym or yoga membership, take time off from your studies for a while and work out.

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4. Bid adieu to social media platforms before examinations

This might seem a mammoth task for some young people but take a break from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all social media platforms before your examinations. You do not even know how it works wonders for your stress levels.

Once you open your news feed, you find updates about the ongoing Pandemic, the new entrants, Black Fungus, White Fungus and Yellow Fungus and lots more of adverse socio-political news and posts. Do you really need to see all that before an examination? Ask yourself this question and you will get your answer!

5. Cut down on caffeine nicotine and alcohol

Cutting down on caffeine is impossible especially during your examinations. Many students cannot even imagine parting with coffee during their examinations- how can they remember the 300-page textbook without your daily cups of coffee? Again, after you complete your studies and revisions for the day, you might need a cigarette to relax, the same holds true for alcohol. However, none of them are good for your health.

All of them are stimulants and increase your stress levels. If you cannot eliminate them completely from your life, reduce their consumption. Cutting down these stimulants will boost your sleep in the night and this goes a long way in improving your concentration and memory powers too.

Therefore, when it comes to overcome nervousness and beating examination stress, keep these 5 practical tips in mind. They will help you to calm down and perform well in your tests. Moreover, they are simple to practice and ensure you pass your examinations with flying colors!

All the best!

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