Should Women Over 40 Years Do Weight Training At The Gym?

Women Weight Exercise

Take a look at any woman in great shape and health over 40 years. You may wonder what they actually do to defy the aging process and stay energetic and vibrant all through the day? Women effectively juggle home and work with equal elan. They look stunning and have a youthful glow on their skin. What is this magical secret of theirs? The secret is something you might not even have imagined- they lift weight!

Lifting weights is 100% safe for women over 40 years

Women have been indulging only in cardio and Zumba for a long time at the gym. Besides the occasional aerobic class and yoga sessions, they believe in the myth that women must do cardiovascular exercises only to stay healthy and in shape. No wonder when you walk into a gym, you will find women mostly in the cardio area or present in a Zumba or aerobic class dancing away to knock off those extra pounds!

You will NOT become bulky with weight training

Most women at the gym shy away from weight or strength training with the fear they will become bulky and develop muscles like men. This is NOT true at all.

When you start weight training, you can gain lean muscle that helps you to tone your body. Lots of cardio will develop something called “skinny fat” where you can’t eliminate the belly fat that collects in the middle of your body.

Weight training helps you to reduce this stubborn fat in the middle and enhance your metabolism. This means you are able to burn more fat, get extra energy and better sleep after your strength training sessions at the gym.

Track your progress with body fat evaluations

When you start weight training, you can track your monthly progress with body fat assessments. You should also measure your waist, hips, chest, thighs etc. and notice the changes in your body when you wear your clothes.

Advantages of weight or strength training

Now let us take a look at the benefits of weight training for women over 40 years –

  1. More muscle mass – Everyone knows that with age, the muscle mass in the body declines in both women and men. However, women tend to lose more muscle mass as they do not train their body muscles as they become older. The biggest advantage of weight training for women over 40 years is that they lose a lot of fat along the waist line and this is an added advantage. Moreover, you become stronger and you no longer become fatigued with you play with your children, do regular house chores etc.
  2. Better metabolism- One of the biggest challenges of women over 40 years is dealing with a slow metabolism. When you were in your 20’s and 30’s, it was easier for you to lose weight. Slow metabolism is one of the common complaints that women have when it comes to reducing weight and fat loss after the age of 40 years.

Contrary to fat, the muscles in the body are metabolically active. When you build more muscle, you will burn more calories. This fat burn is not only done while you are working out but also when you come home thanks to a syndrome known as EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Unfortunately, you will not experience this after burn of calorie after cardio sessions. This only takes place when you lift weights.

  1. Slows down the loss of bone density– As you age, like slow metabolism, the bone density also declines. This is due to several reasons. Fragile and weak bones not only place you at increased risks for bone fractures, they adversely impact your mobility and posture. Regular weight training sessions helps you to see a drastic improvement in bone density and mass.
  2. Get better sleep– Women over 40 years often complain they find it really hard to fall asleep fast. Even if they do sleep, the quality of sleep is not good. Exercise is known to boost sleep quality and weight training helps women over 40 years sleep better. There have been some studies recently revealing that regular weight training boosts hormonal balance in the body and this in turn boosts sleep quality in women over 40 years.
  3. Boost body image- There are several reasons why men and women regularly work out in a gym. One of the biggest motivations is to look and feel better. Weight training helps you to get a toned, stronger and leaner body. You will see a lot of physical differences and start to feel confident. When you focus on serious sessions, you will find your body naturally changing and this makes you happy with your body image.
  4. Enjoy more energy– Though this might sound surprising, regular weight training actually helps you to get more energy. The sessions will release endorphins in the body boosting both mood and energy. In fact, the results are instant- the moment you finish a session you will feel confident and happy. You might feel a little tired immediately after the workout however, you will be surprised to see your energy levels last for the whole day.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that weight training has its share of amazing benefits for women above 40 years. Do not shy away from weights when you hit the gym. Train with a good instructor and see your body changing with the passage of time making you stronger, leaner and beautiful with time. You should train at least 3 times in a week and see the stunning transformation in your body and quality of life with success!

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