Powerful Tips To Look Glamorous When You Are A Plus Sized Girl

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Plus-sized girls should dress right to accentuate their curves in such a way that it covers up their problem areas. Oversized clothes are now a thing of the past and, if you are a plus-sized girl, chuck larger-sized garments out of your wardrobe if you do not want to end up looking drab and boring.

It is high time now for you to slip into the right outfits with some help from our team of skilled fashion experts. So, do not skip reading this post till the end as we bring to you some simple yet intensely powerful styling tips to transform you into a glamourous diva wherever you go!

1. Bid adieu to big and oversized clothes

For a plus-sized girl, it is natural for you to believe- Bigger, the Better. Stacking up your wardrobe with oversized clothes to cover your flabs is not a SOLUTION at all.  If your clothes are big, the plumper you look. Instead, choose fabrics and cuts that complement the shape of your body. The trick here is to strike the perfect chord between “tight” and “fitted”.

Pro-tip: Make sure the lines of your undergarments are not visible through what you wear. If you notice peeping lines, the dress is too tight!

2. Shapewear works wonders

No woman is perfect. Everyone needs a smoothening here and there. Do not be ashamed to stock up on shapewear. Tucking in the hips and the tummy helps you to get that refined look. One of the key pieces of shapewear every curvy girl must have in her wardrobe is a comfortable body briefer. So, get one today!

3. Substitute your leggings with skinny jeggings

All you curvy girls out there, please stop wearing leggings as pants! Leggings were created to be worn underneath your clothes. This is why you see them in departmental and fashion stores always sold with accessories and hosiery. If you want those nice, toned and long legs, invest in a good pair of skinny jeggings and see the wonders it does to your look.

4. Pencil skirts to the rescue

Pencil skirts that reach your knee can never go wrong if you are a plus-sized girl and not sure what to wear at a short-notice. In fact, pencil skirts till the knee flatter every figure as it elongates your curves and gives your body balance. Pair them up with a nice pastel shirt or blouse, just a size larger than you actually are.

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5. Proper shoes

Every outfit is incomplete without the right shoes. You should pay attention to the shoes you buy so take time and never rush when it comes to buying shoes. Do not purchase shoes with ankle straps- they shorten the length of your legs and can make them look fatter. Classic pumps in light and neutral hues will make your elongate your legs to give you a clean look.

6. Carry the right-sized bag

Your bag should align with the proportions of your body. Never carry anything too small. Medium- sized tote bags are great for the day. For the night, carry a purse or a bag that you cannot see behind your hand. In case you do, that bag is definitely too small.

7. Tailor your clothes

A skilled tailor can make a huge difference to your clothes. The good news is many esteemed department stores have their own tailoring services. Visit them to get your clothes customized to your body shape.  They will transform the clothes you buy to make them fit in your body naturally and switch them from being “terrible” to “terrific”.

Extra curvy girl pro-tips to look fabulous

  • V-shaped and deep cuts make your neck look longer
  • Vertical prints with smart details make you look slimmer
  • Invest in chic shirts just a size larger than your actual size- no need to buy a size that is two tags more
  • Layers work so cover up flab with shrugs and capes
  • Nail your look with a good printed or plain skater dress
  • Straight kurtas with cigarette pants can camouflage your curves. Accentuate them with a comfortable pair of Kolhapuri chappals to complete the look

Accessory tips

  • Jewellery– Statement jewellery look stunning on curvy girls. Stacked bangles, necklaces with large pendants, cocktail rings and long necklaces should be paired with the garments you wear.
  • Belts– If you have a defined waist, grab the limelight with a three-inch or a one-inch-wide belt on your outfit.

Therefore, when it comes to chic, fashion and glamour, why should skinny babes steal all the fun?  Follow these amazing fashion tips listed above to look glamorous every time you step out to make mouths gape and heads turn your way in awe!

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