Acai Berry & Its Super Amazing Health Benefits for Anti-ageing and Weight loss

Acai Berry

Is Acai Berry really a superfood?

Pronounced as Ah-sign-ee (Acai), these unique berries, a native of the rainforests in Central and South America, have gained immense popularity due to amazing health benefits over the recent years.

They look like grapes and are harvested from the acai palm trees in the region. Deep or reddish-purple in color, these fruits are approximately one to two centimeters in size. They have a specific taste that is often touted to be a mix of berries with chocolate. The after-taste it leaves in the mouth is sort of metallic in nature, as some people claim.

Anti-aging and weight loss

Recently, acai berries have shot to fame across the world as being the holy grail to weight loss and anti-aging. There are some acai berry benefits as per scientific studies that hint that the pulp of this fruit is richer in antioxidants than its peers, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Though medical research is still on, as there is no hard-core evidence in these fields, those that have consumed acai berries can’t stop ranting about its magical health benefits and we are going to look at some of them below. Here are the top 6 acai berry benefits for which we recommend you to start including these super delicious and powerful acai berries in your diet from today!

1. Knock off those extra pounds

Struggling with your weight? Multiple weight loss products in the market today sport acai berry as their key ingredient. Studies are still on as to whether acai berry is solely responsible to keep excess calories at bay. There is no proof as of now but being a fruit, we can’t deny that acai berry, being a fruit, belongs to the family of berries and including it in your diet is a healthy choice.

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2. Get gorgeous

The oil of the acai berry fruit is found in several modern-day cosmetic and beauty products. Touted for its anti-aging properties, regular use of products infused with acai oil will make your face appear plumper and smoother. Rich with antioxidants, Acai oil is now predominantly used in shampoos, body creams and conditioners. Even if acai oil is processed and properly stored, its levels of antioxidants remain high for a long time.

3. Happy heart

Acai berry has rich amounts of anthocyanin, this is an antioxidant found in plants with the capacity to reduce cholesterol in your bloodstream. It is intense in plant sterols which again decreases high levels of cholesterol in your body. It curbs the risk of heart disorders and ailments as it resides in the space which cholesterol would have otherwise occupied.

4. An energy booster

Low on energy? Eat some acai berries and you will be good to go. Acai berry is rich in omega acids that boost body metabolism making you feel much lighter and super energetic

5. Enhances digestion

Being a rich source of natural dietary fiber, acai berry ensures your digestive system is clean and free from toxins.  It bids adieu to bloating, diarrhea and constipation helping your digestive tract to function better.

6. Become smarter

Consuming acai berries daily boosts your cognitive functioning as it is the powerhouse of healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, crucial for building the nervous system in the body.  Stacked with Vitamin B, it triggers both dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These positive neurotransmitters induce sleep and is great for those people that suffer from difficulties in falling asleep and insomnia.

Dietary tips for acai berry

Now, you know about the super amazing acai berry benefits, the next question is where can you find them?

Look out for products online that have acai berry as a major ingredient. Health and fitness websites and local stores are a great place to check out first. You can buy acai berry in dry or frozen forms, like tablets or powder in food products.

Some delicious quick tips for consumption are-

  • Add acai berry powder to breakfast cereals like oats, granola bars made at home or your regular cereal like cornflakes or muesli
  • Buy smoothies and juices that contain acai berry as a key ingredient
  • Use delicious frozen acai berry puree to make acai fruit bowls

When it comes to consumption of this wonder fruit, the overdose of anything could be bad for you. Include acai berry in your diet in moderate amounts and in case, you still need guidance on its daily dose and consumption, consult a healthcare professional or a qualified nutritionist for advice.

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