Top 5 Reselling Android Apps in India— Meesho alternatives

It is not that Flipkart and Amazon are the leaders of online shopping in India. Equally, reselling or dropshipping platforms are also on the race. It seems Meesho, the leading dropshipping app in India, has to face its competitors. The very best thing that happens with reselling apps is— it carries earned from home opportunities for all Indians, irrespective of  age, marital status and educational background, as long as you have your smartphone and smooth internet connection. However new Meesho alternatives are emerging that provide enhanced benefits to break the monoply.

Here we have carefully included top 5 reselling apps as the Meesho alternatives— register and be your own boss!

1. Glowroad app

  • You can firmly claim Glowroad as the irreplaceable competitor of Meesho, as it has crossed 10+ million downloads in India by now.
  • Glowroad is a hub of trendy products, which is easy to use and ideal for beginners— who are new to reselling programs.
  • As to the customer’s response, it shows that running a Glowroad store is much easier, as GlowRoad has online tutorials to help you to set up and resell through the app.

2. Shop101 app

  • Next to Glowroad, Shop101 is a keen opponent of Meesho alternatives. It is one of the best reselling apps in India with 5+ million downloads at playstore.
  • It is completely legit or trustworthy Meesho alternative.
  • Shop101 includes quality products at convenient prices. Hence, it is good for resellers to earn higher margin rates. Shop101 app has a beautiful interface that makes it easier to set up the store with complete ease.
  • Shop101 collects almost every kind of products: home decorations, kitchen stuff, beauty products, and fashion collection both for women and men, and much more. Shop101 offers excellent customer service to sellers and consumers.

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3. Alippo app

  • Alippo is a new venture towards reselling-market in India and another promising option amongst Meesho alternatives— so it has fewer downloads.
  • If you are a student or housewife, the app can provide a higher scale of margin rates.
  • Don’t worry! It is purely trustworthy, which delivers products without extra delivery charge. It means you can earn more and more.
  • Also, Alippo offers COD facility to almost all of the corners of India. Alippo provides 24/7 customer service. Allipo treasures home appliances, cloth, electronics, stationary and likewise so on.
  • As you know Alippo offers weekly payment to respective sellers — you don’t have to worry about payment getting delayed.

4. Shopmatic app

  • With over 5 Lac+ playstore downloads, Shopmatic has marked its presence in India is one of the established Meesho alternatives.
  • Creating your shop in Shopmatic is super-easy, where you do not have to pay upfront charges for 12 months.
  • Shopmatic delivers products all over India and almost includes every home essence. The re-selling app contains two pricing models: Transaction Model and Subscription Model.

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5. Oberlo

  • Oberlo is a new entry in the reselling markets of India (it was a global reselling app earlier). Which is why it has created tons of loyal customers by now.
  • Oberlo compiles almost all of the products of need. Basically, Oberlo is an autopilot dropping platform. You can create your Oberlo store by connecting to your shopify store. Though it is harder to set up your store but different dropshipping courses help you to get started.

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