Top 10 New Year Resolution for 2021 to make your year great and memorable

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining and for 2020, it was the great life lessons this year has left us with. It has somehow made us appreciate the importance of the basic elements of simple living and healthy eating. Like every year we welcome this new year of 2021 with the same excitement as always, however, the hopes of life returning to normal as before coronavirus is something we are all wishing in parallel.

Here is a list of the most recommended New Year resolutions for the New Year of 2021 you should definitely consider!

1. Eat healthy food

Yes, howsoever usual this looks, most people overlook the importance of healthy eating. It can work wonders for your body that would definitely love like healthy body weight and increased immunity. As a 2021 new year resolution, Say no to at least one junk food that you eat on a regular basis, like a burger, pizza or fried potato chips. It will seem difficult initially but will work wonders for your health.

2. Workout regularly

We all have studied in school that regular exercise leads to a healthy body. But most of us really don’t follow this and do not ensure workout as a part of our daily routine. Well we all know that it is important to workout, most of the fitness talks have been around physical fitness only and mental fitness has always been given the second spot.

In 2021 New Year resolution, make sure you give equal importance to both your mind and body. A great body with a peaceful and happy mind is the best combination for achieving all the success you wish for.

3. Stay away from toxic people

You are really blessed in case you do not have any toxic and negative people around you. For most of the people, this is clearly not the case and they are surrounded by not just one but many toxic and negative people. Sometimes a part of the family, while other times as a part of social circle or colleagues, these people are everywhere. While it sounds easy to be around these people and accept their toxic actions, to maintain peace in family or office team, trust me it is impossible to stick around them. The best way is to cut off with such people as such people never really change. Rather they devise new plans and ways to gain attention and make you emotionally drained. Take away the power from them and see the happiness it yields.

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4. Take care of your looks

Due to the long lockdowns in the past year, most of us have stayed in our homes for the most part of this year. While it has been really relaxing working from home at your convenience, most of us are unaware of the toll this has taken on the personality. Just try to remember when was the last time you wore your favorite pantsuits to deliver a presentation or got ready in that rocking dress of yours for an office party.

All is not lost though, in 2021 take out those favorite pair of clothes you have and dress up for yourself. See yourself in the mirror and enjoy n your home office the way you would have in your office premises. This one will give you a great confidence boost.

5. Expenditure Management and Increased Savings

With the way last year has hit the savings for most of us, this one is what most of us would agree with. Let’s pledge this year, we will track our expenses and take care of those unwanted expenditures, yes that extra smartwatch, or that high-end ultra costly designer bag we just use a few times. These things eat away our savings and lead us to strained financial conditions in case of touch economic conditions around.

Make a New Year resolution, that this year you would save at least 30% of your earning, no matter what comes. Make yourself ready for lesser parties and shopping experiences!

6. Travel to a new destination

I have been personally following this one for the last 6 years now and can vouge for it all hands-in. As they commonly say, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”, and I cannot agree more. Travelling is a soul-filling experience and leave us with a lot of memories we can cherish throughout our lives. Make sure you visit a new place this year that you have never visited before and take that camera along for capturing the special moments.

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7. Learn cooking if you already don’t know like me and cook your favorite dishes yourselves

Cooking is something we all must learn. Eating food is one of the basic human needs and what can be better than cooking your own dish. Cook for yourself the best dish you like with your favorite ingredients just the way you like. Trust me this will give you immense satisfaction and happiness. Plus you will learn a new skill of cooking.

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8. Pursue your hobby

No matter how busy life may become in 2021, promise yourself to dedicate few hours every week to that favorite hobby of yours. Be it singing, dancing, playing cricket/any other sport, swimming, driving or just watching those old movies. Make sure you give ample time to your hobbies, and trust me it will give you that happiness boost from inside.

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9. Learn something new which you have never tried before

We only have one life and must do whatever we feel like. Try something new in 2021, something that you have never tried before or think that you may not be able to do. Some of the ideas that are worth trying are salsa dance or any new dance form, guitar or violin, photography, writing, or launching your Youtube channel!

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