Top 10 Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill for Weight Loss

When was the last time you wore your favorite dress? Does it cling to your body now? Are you unable to pull your jeans up to your waist? Do you have to tuck in your belly to button or unbutton your pants? Not anymore! Using a treadmill can save you from all of these. All you need to invest is your time and efforts.

Stanford University School of Medicine stated in a recent research study that if you jog for 10 mins on a treadmill, over 9000 molecules in your body changes.

If you ever surfed the internet about fitness equipment or relevant vlogs, this term is no new for you. The treadmill is the top choice for most fitness freaks. Now the good news is, you don’t have to go to a gym to run on a treadmill but you can fix it at your home or office without jumping out of your budget.

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Do you know the benefits you can reap out from a treadmill?? If not, do give this article a read till the end!

1. Customize your workout

For a beginner, there can’t be a better option than a treadmill to start with. You get the same satisfaction without putting your muscles into too much strain. For increasing the toughness level, you can adjust the inclined mode, level up the speed, or alter other available settings.

2. Prevent Injury

Heavy people often have hip and knee pains as they have to bear heavy bodyweight. If you run with a heavy body on a random ground surface, the concrete or uneven floor can hurt your feet and may give you long term injuries. The best solution for this is treadmills as they have padded tread belt. These belts are high shock absorbers protecting your legs from thrust and injuries.

 3. Fast Recovery

No matter which exercises you do, taking rest holds the same importance as working does. Your muscles need rest to recover from all those strains you have given them while sweating. You can run at a high pace on the first two days and keep it low on rest days. You can lose those extra calories without being harsh on your body.

4. Regular workout

Regular exercise is the best way to keep yourself fit. If, on any day, you don’t feel like having an intense workout, just put your treadmill in warm-up mode, minimize the speed and enjoy walking just as you do on the ground. When you become irregular, the slope of your success slips down from there. Fortunately, you will have no more excuses to miss your workouts.

5. User Friendly

Not only you but other members of your family or your friends can use the same treadmill to satisfy different needs. For those who are moderately overweight or obese, using the treadmill regularly surely brings change.

6. Lose Faster

Treadmills help you to bring quick and long-living results. If you just run for 20 minutes with a speed of 10 km/h you can shed 229 calories. This was just for running but if you include a good diet with this, you can achieve your goal in no time.

7. Improved Heart

The treadmill is the best aerobic exercise equipment. If you are someone who regularly steps on your treadmill, then you’re doing justice with your heart. Aerobics keep the level of cholesterol down, thereby keeping your cardiovascular system healthy.

8. Tone Muscles

Walking or jogging includes a lot of leg workouts, that in turn strengthens and tones up your squad and calves muscles. To tone up your arms, use hand weights.

9. Keep Motivated

You can track your calories burnt, time spent, speed, heart rate, and many more through the digital monitor. It keeps you on track and helps you to check your progress. Also, it works wonders for your mental health.

10. Not Boring

No working out is not boring. Many treadmills have large LED screens and allow you to connect them with Bluetooth. You can watch your favorite show or lecture on it. You will spend hours on the tread belt without even knowing!

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