Top 5 Must Have Essential Medical Devices To Keep At Home

Keeping essential medical devices at home is a smart precautionary measure. In times of a pandemic, it is best to stay at home until unavoidable. Going to pathological labs or clinics could be a risk as well. Why go to a pathological lab if you could test basic things at home?

Some essential devices will help you at times of emergency and will also indicate your early diagnosis of various diseases. To take care of your entire health and body you must keep these devices at home.

1. Thermometer

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As we all know that thermometer checks the temperature of the body. It is very important to keep at home. Whenever our body is attacked by a bacteria or we are in the initial stage of any disease our body temperature increases. A rise in temperature of the body is an indication that something is not well inside. Hence checking your temperature will allow you to take precautions and find out if it is serious or not.

2. Pulse Oximeter

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Amid corona times, oximeter is one of the most essential medical devices to keep handy at home. It is a device that measures the oxygen level in your blood. It is a painless method. It tracks how much oxygen is reaching in heart, brain, and other parts of the body. Lower oxygen rates can be a symptom of pneumonia, asthma, heart attack, and even coronavirus. It gives a diagnosis of COVID-19. If a low amount of oxygen is reaching your lungs then it is a matter of concern. You must consult someone immediately.

3. BP monitor

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You do not have to be a blood pressure patient to notice changes in your blood pressure levels. Nowadays blood pressure levels are fluctuating because of extreme stress and intense emotions such as anger and anxiety. The pressure of your blood varies according to your mood during your day. It could help in the early diagnosis of kidney problems and diabetes. Low blood pressure can cause fatigue, dizziness, blur vision, and confusion, etc. On the other hand, high blood pressure has no symptoms but gets very dangerous if left untreated for a long time. Hence, monitoring your blood pressure levels is a good idea. It will encourage you to keep it normal through physical activities, food, and other things.

4. Glucometer

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Going to a doctor to get sugar levels is a mundane task. Isn’t it? Then why go to the clinic if you could do it at home. Especially at the time of pandemic where it is best to stay at home. It is especially important for diabetes patients as they need to monitor their sugar levels frequently. It helps in preventing them from making insulin dosage errors or consuming less or more sugar. It is a must-have for a diabetic person as low or high sugar levels could be dangerous. Even if you are not a diabetes person you can keep it to maintain your overall health.

5. Nebulizer

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A nebulizer is generally used by patients of asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory diseases. It delivers antibiotics or any other medicine straight into the lungs. It could be used for coronavirus patients. But make sure not to share it with other family members.

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