Top 5 Habit Tracking Apps For 2020

Having good habits is essential. With good habits, you can be successful and strive. With good habits, you can enjoy a healthier and more active life. However, building good habits is not an easy task. You need regular patterns and time management. Furthermore, bad habits tend to be more tempting and require less effort.

In old days, you would need help from someone to help with habit tracking and guide you. Luckily, you already have a smartphone that has revolutionized our way of living. Apps can do almost anything nowadays.

Going back, to combat bad habits and establish good ones, here are our top 5 apps to help track your habits.

1. Habitica

Games are all the rage and mobile games are so popular right now that they have become integral in smartphones. Habitica takes advantage of the fun and excitement of games to help you build habits. Habitica turns your life into a Role-Playing Game or RPG. It tracks your daily activities, habits, and actions. You can create an avatar based on yourself and gain experience and level up. By doing good habits you strengthen your character but by doing bad habits you weaken it. It has a social platform to connect and get in touch with other users. You may even join a party to help you motivate yourself and achieve your goals better. Gamifying your life is an exciting feature but may overwhelm some. Overall the experience, sense of accomplishment, and holding accountability makes this app worthwhile.

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2. HabitShare

Having a buddy to help you build great habits fast. You get motivated better and having someone to share with means you have some form of accountability. HabitShare is an app that will connect you with friends and allow you to share habits and daily activities. In this way, you will help each other get to your goals. You can share, update, and link to your friends what you are doing and what you have accomplished. There are daily, weekly, and monthly goals and milestones. All in all, it is a minimalistic but effective habit tracking app.

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3. Strides

If you love statistics, graphs, and numbers, this app may be for you. Stride is a habit-tracking app that focuses on tracking your progress and showing in graphs and stats. It tries to visualize the accomplishment and goals you have achieved and are still trying to achieve. You can build daily tasks, reminders for your habit streaks, and tagging of bad habits. The experience overall is good and maybe best for something

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4. Habitify

For those who just want a simple interface and mechanics, this app could be your champion. Habitify utilizes minimalism and a simple yet beautiful interface for tracking habits. It tries to give you the bare bones of what you need so that there is less distraction for you. It allows habit tracking with the help of lists, and reminders. It has a dark mode even. The user interface is nice and the simple mechanics work.

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5. provides the basic habit tracking function but it has a key functionality. It gives you access to coaches and a wide and supportive community. Coaches can encourage good behavior and provide guidance while discouraging bad ones. The community feature is a must try and overall the experience is smooth and nice.

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