Top 10 Kids Learning YouTube Channels for Smart Kids


As YouTube, the video-sharing platform is prospering, the loyal viewers tend to keep time for watching YouTube videos regularly (maybe you’re one of them!). You are aware that this video-sharing platform not only calls adults but also children (of all ages).

YouTube is no more a home of entertainment but a place for quality learning. Certainly, with a little more parent’s restriction, you are much allowed to ‘busy’ your child with YouTube.

Here are the top 10 YouTube channels for your kids learning that would certainly value more than anything in making them grow smarter!

1. TED-Ed— Lessons worth sharing

Joined date: 2 March 2011
Number of views: 2,170,860,530
Number of subscribers: 12.8m

TED-Ed’s mission is to spread great ideas that deserve sharing. TED-ED’s videos are created by talented educators. On this unique YouTube channel, your child can learn different scientific knowledge, which stresses to ponder or wander more and more. If your child loves solving riddles, it’s absolutely worth subscribing.

2. It’s Okay to Be Smart

Joined date: 17 March 2012
Number of views: 310,637,077
Number of subscribers: 3.54m

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel demands your attention if your child loves everything about science and the universe. Plainly, it’s Okay to Be Smart, created by Joe Hanson, will make your child more insightful and curious!

3. The Brain Scoop

Joined date: 18 December 2012
Number of views: 32,319,487
Number of subscribers: 572k

In this channel, Emily, the chief Crusty correspondent of the field museum, Chicago will share different collections with the internet. Additionally, she also made videos on diverse scientific topics like ‘How birds inspired builders’ and ‘what fossils reveal about today’s climate change’ etc.

4. Kids learning tube

Joined date: 27 January 2015
Number of views: 662,428,536
Number of subscribers: 880k

It is best for both — adult and child. The channel assigns fun, unique approaches towards teaching, which comprises music and animation. This channel is the perfect example of everything-in-a bundle.

5. Organic Learning — Educational videos for kids

Joined date: 7 March 2012
Number of views: 645,621,497
Number of subscribers: 704k

This channel’s ‘uniqueness’ lies in producing fun, enticing and educational videos, which are usually made through hot wheels, matchbox and tonics toy cars. Also, it also teaches children to draw, learning Alphabet and likewise so on.

6. Kids fun learn

Joined date: 22 March 2016
Number of views: 37,443,851
Number of subscribers: 100k

The channel connects babies, toddlers and children in the funniest and promising ways. It helps children to learn Alphabet, Colors, Shape, sizes, spelling and also nourish imagination power and memory skills.

7. Smart Girls

Joined date: 23 February 2007
Number of views: 13,870,460
Number of subscribers: 140k

Run by Amy Poehle, Smart girl creates creative DIY videos. She is more likely associated with developing authentic selves. Similarly, she makes profiles for inspiring women. At the same moment, she inspires children to get involved in the climate change movement too.

8. Houston Zoo

Joined date: 1 March 2007
Number of views: 16,334,177
Number of subscribers: 40k

If you and your child love animals, Houston Zoo is the perfect example for the duo. It showcases wilds of Houston Zoo. Therefore, it also offers educational lessons for the living beings. The YouTube channel, Houston zoo, brings zoos on your screen as if you’re visiting in real-time.

9. Sesame Street

Joined date: 16 January 2006
Number of views: 15,922,609,427
Number of subscribers: 18.4m

Sesame Street is for your imaginative child who loves to be around fairy tales. Sesame Street showcases your child’s favourite characters most excitingly. Such familiarities help your child to spread the ‘creative sparks’ by thrice wider. Sesame Street is wondrous, colourful and furious!

10. SoulPancake

Joined date: 8 August 2008
Number of views: 680,405,260
Number of subscribers: 3.41m

SoulPancake makes videos that open hearts and minds. SoulPancake is insightful and humorous. The channel explores questions that relatively matters to human lives. It is a community of dreamers, artists, activists, and innovators.

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