Top 10 Online Pharmacy Websites In India To Buy Medicines Online With Best Offers


Nowadays, people are restricting themselves from making purchases that require their physical involvement due to Covid-19. Like other supplies, purchasing medicines online is creating space at a fast speed.

We have listed below the top 10 pharmacy websites in India so that you can buy medicines online with best offers without the extra efforts required to go to a medical store.

1. Tata

Visit Website is the fastest growing online pharmacy in India that offers lab tests with security, chat with doctors, buy medicine online, Ayurvedic medicines, and healthcare products. It’s one of the most satisfying online pharmacy in India to buy medicines online with the best offers

  • Upload your prescription and get a 30% quick discount.
  • It offers approximately 40% discount on Vitamin D products and 60% on Multivitamins.
  • Get your body checked, and get an 80% discount.


Visit Website

The services that you can find here are Medical Stores, Laboratories & Testing, and Health Products. You can easily create an official account on their website with a few easy steps. This Pharmacy focuses on continuous improvement in its services as Healthcare Providers.

  • You can book lab tests and specialty.
  • You can chat with experts for expert advice.
  • You can make Healthcare Services affordable for yourself.

3. Apollo Pharmacy

Visit Website

If you wish to buy medications from the most trustworthy website in India, then choose Apollo pharmacy. They have offline stores as well and is one of the most widely used online pharmacy websites in India. buy medicines with quality assurance and genuine drugs. You can upload your prescription and tablets for multiple uses.

  • It gives medicines for corona care.
  • You can buy baby care products.
  • It offers medicines for Health & Immunity.
  • You can order products for personal care.


Visit Website

Getting medicine from Netmeds in India ends up your search for online pharmacy in India to buy medicines online with best offers. It improves customer experiences to Buy Medicines Online With Best Offers.

  • They provide lab tests Services.
  • You can consult a doctor for yourself.
  • You can Buy Generic Medicines and get up to 65% discount.
  • First, upload your prescription, and get your medicine delivered to your home.


Visit Website

To get your Medicines Online, you need to enter your location as well as the Pincode. Pharmeasy offers you a 15% discount on buying medicine online, 60% on Healthcare products, and 70 on the diagnostic tests.

  • You need to create an account on their official website.
  • You can order according to your prescriptions.
  • This website also offers the Wallet Management System to quick process.


Visit Website offers medicines, medical products, Health Products to buy online from their official website.

  • It offers 100% genuine and legit medicine.
  • You can reserve your appointment, consult a doctor, and many more.
  • They’re available on mobile applications.


Visit Website

You can buy medicines online with best offers from Medibuddy because it gives discounts on each prescription that you upload. This website is 100% legit and offers home delivery to your doorstep.

  • It delivers 100% legit medicines.
  • You can buy medicine without exchanging cash. (Go Cashless)
  • It offers Door Delivery so that you can get your Medicines according to your prescription at your doorstep.


Visit Website

If you want to buy medicines online with best offers in India, then create your account with

  • They provide Healthcare Services, Healthcare Products, and other services.
  • Protein supplements, ayurvedic medicine, and many more you can buy online.
  • Get your prescription online.


Visit Website

They add values to your Healthcare by delivering medicines all over India. It can be a better choice for you while looking for the top 10 pharmacy websites in India to buy medicines online with best offers. 

  • They give a 15% flat discount on orders.
  • You can get online prescriptions.
  • It provides Free Home Delivery.


Visit Website

It is one of the legit medicine providers in India. Once you select your location, they offer products and services that they provide. Specifically, in Kolkata, you can order medicines online.

  • It’s one of the most trusted medical providers.
  • Free/fast home delivery.
  • Online prescriptions.
  • Book diagnostic testing Facilities are their services.


By strictly reviewing and visiting these online pharmacy websites that we have discussed above, we can say every website is legit. They offer to buy medicines online with best offers with discounts. You do not need to worry about your location as every website offers free home delivery. Just go any website and get your medicines delivered at your doorstep.

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