Top 10 Must-Read Best Mythological Books

Mythological Books

Books are the best friends of humans. They not only tell us stories but take us on the adventure of a dreamland. Mythological books are one such genre. They leave you juggling between fiction and reality. You keep wondering if it really happened. If you are a fan of this genre then you must read the following books.

1. The Gospel of Loki

    • The book is written by Joanne M. Harris.
    • It is based on Norse Mythology.
    • The protagonist of the book is Loki. He is a Norse God of fire and mischief.
    • It is about his recruitment from the underworld of Chaos, his betrayal of the gods, and the fall of Asgard.
    • It is a powerful and creative mythological novel.

2. The Treasury of Greek Mythology 

    • Greek mythology is written by Donna Jo Napoli.
    • The book has classic tales of Gods, Goddesses, heroes and monsters.
    • It has imaginative illustrations that will immerse you in the book.

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    • It is written by Rick Riordan.
    • The novel can be read by children as well as adults.
    • There are five different series of Percy Jackson available.
    • The story revolves around Percy Jackson and dangerous quests of his life.

4. Tales of Japan

    • The book takes you to thrilling adventure tales of monsters having no faces and goblins with nobodies.
    • It has fifteen traditional Japanese folktales.
    • The stories will enchant you to keep reading.

5. Circe

  • It is written by Madeline Miller.
  • Circe is a Greek enchantress. She is known for her intellect in herbs and potions.
  • She was unappreciated as she was not as powerful as her parents. But she did possess the power of witchcraft. She is an infamous hero who stands alone and fights.
  • The story is about Circe and how she realizes her strength from her weaknesses.

6. Antigone Rising

    • Are you a feminist? If yes then you will love this book.
    • The book is written by Helen Morales. It outlines the Greek and Roman myths and their legacies.
    • In spite of being a mythological book, it has many inspirations from current times such as the #Metoo movement.

7. The Shiva Trilogy

    • The book is an Indian Mythology based on Shiva, the God of Indians.
    • The book is composed of three parts. They are the immortals of Meluhas, the secret of Nagas and the oath of the Vayuputras.

8. My Gita

    • A book by Devdutt Pattanaik. The original Bhagavad Gita has a difficult language.
    • The author has interpreted it in clearer language so the readers could understand it and learn lessons from the Bhagavad Gita.

9. Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

    • This book has a combination of Greek, Norse and Roman myths.
    • The book is written by Edith Hamilton. The book has captivating tales and characters.
    • It is written in such a way that modern readers would find it interesting.
    • The characters are inspired by Pop cultures and from modern superheroes of DC and Avengers.

10.The Iliad

    • It is a poem written by Homer, a Greek poet.
    • The poem portrays the story of the Trojan war.
    • It signifies the intervention of Gods and bloody battles. The book drenches you in itself to imagine the scenario of war.

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