Top 7 Behavioral Interview Questions Asked in Gallup HR Rounds

Giving interviews is a part of the journey for working professionals. Every organization relies on multiple rounds of interview process to select the best candidate for an open position. These interviews rounds are primarily divided into Technical and HR rounds. Most professionals prepare for the technical rounds and consider them the leading factor in arriving at the selection results. HR interviews are equally important and sometimes the best candidate as per technical rounds evaluation might get out of the selection race basis the behavioral interview outcome.  

Hence it is very important to prepare for behavioral interview as it helps the HR understand the adaptability of the candidate in the organizational work environment. We have curated the following list of most frequently asked questions to understand the performance and character of the interview candidate.

1. Why Are You the Best Person for the Job

I consider myself very dynamic and self-motivated. This job deals with areas of expertise I have closely worked in, hence giving me the edge. In addition the inclination towards research and innovation is what make me really interested in this profile as it not only explores my existing potential but rather aims to grow my expertise with challenging research oriented problem solving.

2. How Do You Define Success

Success for me is being able to perform above and beyond. By this principle I am always passionate and try to deliver that excellence in my work. Performing above expectations and being recognized for the efforts is a true measure of success for me.

3. What is your strength

My strength lies in my morals and ethics. I have strong work ethics and abide by them in my day to day performance of my duties. Numerous time I have displayed these in practical experience by not sharing protected data with recipients without the data owner permission to always completing the given task within the defined accepted timelines.

4. What is your weakness

Sometimes I believe that my precise attention to details proves a weakness. Specifically in cases where there is an urgent deliverable, however my working way multiple rounds of checks on my deliverable before sharing with anyone leads to added time requirements.

5. How Do You Handle Stress

Stress and pressure are a part of working in a challenging environment. I believe that pressure sometimes takes out the best in you. Being an inherent past of the working environment, a pressure free environment might not pose challenges and provide the growth and learning I yearn for.
Also I try to keep stress at bay with help of a well calculated plan to manage projects completion ahead of time and avoided unnecessary stress

6. What Motivates You

I am personally very driven with new and innovative problem statements to use my skills and knowledge in order to find a solution. This helps me to stay motivated and learn new things at work.

7. How Do You Handle Failure?

I always believe that nobody is perfect. Hence imperfections and failures are a part of everybody’s life. Whats most important for me is to understand the root cause of the failure. This helps me to improve any weak areas identify that prevent the similar failure from recurring in the future.

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