Top 5 Youtubers to help increase productivity mindset

Who isn’t crazy about improving and working on their overall lifestyle, increase productivity mindset in today’s age? While one must but if you’re not, don’t worry. These 5 You Tubers here will help you achieve the same and your desired life as well. To know more, keep reading.

1. Lana Blakely

Lana is a YouTuber based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has over 425k YouTube subscribers and her videos mostly revolve around philosophical and social topics. Her videos are usually sit-down based which are rare to be discovered in this vlogging age of YouTube. She talks about very niche, relatable and important topics like- “Relationships, Motivation, Confidence, Money, struggling with negative thoughts, Comparison, Journaling, Career advices” and much more. With her truly raw and natural way of speaking she always manages to give real advices. Watching her videos will definitely help you clear your thoughts over some really important topics and her advices will definitely help you better your thinking and mindset as well.  

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2. Nika Nikita

Nika is another really beautiful inside and out YouTuber that I recently discovered and also so proud that I did. Nika is Slovenia based lifestyle focused YouTuber who is super passionate about health, healing and living a conscious and mindful life. 

She has over 333k subscribers and through her videos and vlogs, Nika shares about her life changing habits, journaling habits and so much more about her healthy, eating and life changing lifestyle. She’s also a host of a Self-help based podcastHeyHappiness where she dives deep into discovering the love and magic hidden within us. And wait not just that but she is also self-publishing a book super soon, so stay tuned for that as well. So with all this valuable content you’re definitely not going to regret consuming it from Nika. 

3. Lavendaire

With over 1.22M subscribers on YouTube, yes you read that right, Aileen or Lavendaire is an LA based YouTuber who is killing it on her YouTube channel which is all about living your dream life or dream lifestyle and all about personal growth. In her videos she talks all about success, meditation, personal growth, happiness, self-care, her routines and everything productive. Her light, energy and the value of her content keeps her audience hooked to her content. Also, don’t forget to check out her very successful blog and podcast- The Lavendaire Lifestyle the links to increase productivity which are provided below. 

4. Amy Landino

Good Morning! Good Life! being her mantra, it best describes how particular is Amy about her morning, and through her YouTube she shares exactly the same and of course even more. With over 387k subscribers, Amy talks about everything mindset and increase productivity related right from- starting your mornings right, doing your morning pages, planning, bullet journaling, reading, motivation, inspiration, time management, habits, routines, tracking your goals, and on and on, all just to help you go after the life you want, as she says. Apart from a very valuable YouTube channel, she also hosts her own podcast named Detail Therapy.

5. Muchelleb

Last but definitely not the least; this Australian based YouTuber with around 397k subscribers will definitely keep you hooked to her channel by its overall vibe and positivity. Michelle who’s herself on a journey of self discovery, learning new things and minimalism she through her channel aspires to help those who are on their self growth journey and wants to live a more intentional life. Every week she creates videos from designing a space both simplified and productive, living life intentionally, about building productive habits and goal setting, and simply living a fulfilling and content life. Apart from this you can also check out her website for more content and resources.

I’m sure you’ll immediately check all these really awesome girl bosses out on YouTube and check their content out, but also leave down in the comments your favorite YouTuber that you loving watching for some inspirational and productive content.

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