Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job Immediately

With an exponential increase in the usage of computers, be it your funky smartphone, or the massive Servers, there is an ever-increasing demand for programmers. Using the magic of programming languages who can create instructions for these computers to execute and operate applications and software programs. Having a good command over programming languages assists you to develop beautiful lines of code that can automate complex tasks.

So which programming language should you learn to kick-start your coding career?

Digiaware team suggests you to explore these popular programming languages and examine whether they align with your interests or not. 

1. Python

Python is undoubtedly the most intelligible languages used today due to its focus on developer experience. It’s a free, open-source, high-level programming language. It has a widespread usage for Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science and for developing applications. 

1Flexible and novice friendlyLimited usage for mobile development
2Availability of librariesIssues with multi-threaded programs
3Extensive support with a vibrant community
4Beneficial for Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence and Web App development
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2. Java

Java is the most popular language in terms of number of jobs, and developer community. It’s an open-source, object-oriented, platform independent language that works on the philosophy of “Write Once, Run Anywhere.” Due to its hardware interoperability, it is widely used in web and application software development.

1Supports multi-threading (capacity of a CPU to concurrently execute two or more parts of a program)Non intuitive memory management
2Platform independentHigh memory consumption
3Simple & Secure
4Reliable memory storage
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3. JavaScript

JavaScript is an interpreted, high-level, scripting language used for making flexible websites, i.e. websites with animations, autocomplete text recommendations and picture slideshows. It is one of the three fundamental languages used to create interactive web pages for a website. What’s more? SpaceX in its recent Crew Dragon 2 flight used JS and C++ for developing the flight interface!

1Builds responsive web pagesLess secure
2Less server latency due to operation on client’s computerDependent on browser support
3Simple to use and versatile
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4. Scala

Scala is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) language that combines object-oriented and functional             programming aspects into one high-level language. It consists of a massive set of libraries and is highly sought after language for implementation in Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data technologies. 

1Supports operator overloadingOffers very confined backward compatibility
2Compact and effortless to learnLimited community presence
3Interoperable with other languages
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5. C++

It’s a general purpose, middle-level language created as an extension of C language, with Classes in use. Unlike its ancestor C, it follows an object-oriented paradigm. It’s utilized in developing client/server applications, and numerous software such as Youtube and Microsoft Office. 

1Multi-paradigm programming languageNo garbage collector
2Platform independentExcessive use of pointers
3Compatible with C
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