Top 10 Made in India Best TikTok Alternatives

Tik-tok alternatives

Almost a thousand apps are launched daily on both Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Some are ingenious enough to gain massive users while some aren’t liked much. TikTok, one of the short video-making apps, had acquired a huge user base and following. However, on June 29, 2020, it was officially banned in India due to national security concerns. This has left its users confused as to how to cope up and looking for TikTok alternatives.

If you are looking for Made in India TikTok alternatives, here is the list you might want to explore:-

1. Chingari

Chingari is a popular app with over 10 million users that lets you showcase your talent through short videos. It is available in ten languages including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, English etc. Additionally, you can share your videos with friends and relatives on other off-platforms.

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2. MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak is a fun video creating app, embarked by MX Player, available in many India-born languages. Despite being launched very recently, it has been able to take the users’ count up to 10 million.

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3. Josh

Josh, another platform created by Dailyhunt for sharing content has been newly launched in July’20. It has a user interface quite similar to TikTok. Apart from sharing their own videos, this app lets users share others’ videos too. Though, as of now, this app is available in very few languages

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4. Bolo Indya

Similar to TikTok, Bolo Indya is a video content creation app available in more than 14 languages. It is an app native to India having more than 1 million users.

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5. LitLot


LitLot is another platform launched in June’20 that has already gained 5 million users ever since its launch. It lets users make videos up to 60 seconds long. It also has an additional feature called Free Hand Drawing. 

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6. Mitron

Mitron is another app indigenously made in India with over 10 million users. Much like TikTok, it lets you make lip-synced videos with a hands-free feature. It also guarantees a 100% ad-free experience to its users.

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7. Moj

Moj, owned by Sharechat is another TikTok-like app. It gained 50 million downloads within one and a half month of its release owing to its quick and user-friendly interface. It has support for over 15 Indian regional languages.

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8. Roposo

Just like TikTok, Roposo is a homegrown app too that offers impressive filters and effects. The users can even earn money via creating videos and playing ‘daily quiz’. This app also features various video channels for its 50 million-plus users.

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9. Tna Tan

Tna Tan is almost a replica of TikTok in the context of features it offers. It lets users discover and create entertaining content along with  It completed 1 million downloads in a very short duration.

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10. Zee5  (HiPi)

HiPi, owned by Zee5 is a newly launched platform within Zee5 app that lets users create videos up to 90 seconds long. At the time of launch, it got 400 famous content creators forthcoming to gain users. Its iOS version will be launched at some time later.

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