Best Websites to Download Free Templates for Website/ Blog

Thinking of creating your own website or blog? Great! So, what is it that is thwarting you? Unable to think of great designs and don’t want to spend? No worries! Here’s a list of some of the best websites to download FREE templates! Get a step closer towards your dream! These websites offer you a buffet of templates! So now, even if you don’t have any idea for how your website or blog must look? Hey presto! You have an example as well as a wide variety of ideas waiting for you. So let’s dive into the list:


Colorlib is a user-friendly website. No complicated steps, no signups required! All you need to do is to choose the style of your preference. Read its details to know more about it. Click the ‘Demo’ button to have a preview and to have some ‘how-to’ questions answered. Next, download the template. Voila! You are ready to make your website!


As the name suggests, templatemonster is a monster website with more than 300 free templates for website as well as blog. It is a one-stop destination for templates! From wordpress to shopify, it has it all! The website literally has a template for every interface!


This website brings you fresh designs, prospective, insights as well as suggestions. If you don’t have anything in mind, no idea about what website or blog you want to make? You must have a visit to this website. The variant ideas give you food for thought and perhaps might move you to make a website or blog right now!


This website is specifically for website templates. It has an extensive range of templates within it. It includes CSS website templates, HTML templates and much more. Just type in the search bar of the website and click! You have a variety of templates on your screen!


Are you looking forward to make a modern, hipster type of website? If yes, this is the one for you!  With more than a hundred templates, this website gives you a lot of choices. It is an interactive website and not just a template provider. It provides many services, including website development to making your website SEO friendly!

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