Best Tips to Prepare for a Successful Video Interview

Online Interview

Video interviews are a great way to recreate the personal nature of an interview when the interviewee and interviewer are unable to meet face-to-face. This may be due to location, availability, and more recently, lockdown because of Covid-19.

In the current pandemic, video interviews are becoming more common. If you’ve never experienced a video interview before they can be daunting. However, a little preparation and forethought will help ensure things run smoothly. Here are six steps to take to ensure video interview success.

1. Check Your Privacy Settings Beforehand

Trouble setting up the call will instantly get things off to a bad start, so check your apps and privacy settings to ensure there are no issues. Establish which video platform your interviewers intend to use beforehand and make sure your privacy settings are configured so they can find and call you. Double-check your webcam and audio are both enabled on your device so you can jump straight into the interview once you’re connected.

2. Check Your Video

Body language and facial expressions are a huge part of any interview, so check your video to make sure you can be seen clearly. Set up your computer and switch on your camera app. Is anything obstructing the view? Is it too bright or too dark to see your face? Take the time before your call to find a position where your interviewers have a clear view of you. If possible, try to do a test call with a friend first to work out any visual or technical issues.

3. Make Sure Your Profile Name is Professional

You may have created a Skype years ago to chat with friends. If so, does your username and picture give a professional impression? A quirky nickname is unprofessional and makes it look as though you’re not taking the process seriously. Similarly, a fun or jokey profile picture is likely to give your interviewers a negative first impression. We’d recommend sticking to your full name, and a headshot style picture.  

4. Make Sure You Look Professional

Formal Dress

Dress the same for a video interview as you would for an interview in person. Not only will you look more professional but wearing smart clothing will also put you in the correct mindset for interview success.

Looking professional also applies to your surroundings. Let your housemates or family know about your call so they don’t disturb you, put pets in another room, and ensure your background is clutter-free.

5. Always Speak Slowly

With any video call, there is a chance of a slow or delayed connection. Speak slowly and clearly to make sure your interviewers can hear and understand you. It is also important to be aware of any visual cues that let you know your interviewers are struggling to understand you, so make sure you’re paying attention to them throughout the interview.

6. Smile and Make Eye Contact

Smile Laptop

Positive body language and eye contact are vital in any interview, perhaps even more so in a video interview, where you need to try harder than usual to make a connection. It can be easy to forget these social cues when you’re sitting at home, so make a conscious effect to look at your interviewer, smile, nod, and exhibit positive, open body language.

Video interviews can be nerve-wracking, however, these tips can help ensure you present yourself in the best possible light. It’s important to remember that video is simply a different format, and the usual interview rules still apply – with a little preparation beforehand, you’ll be all set to nail your interview.

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