Top 5 Bonding Exercises for Families During COVID19

As the days wear on, and the Covid19 pandemic doesn’t seem to abate, the end of the lockdown is nowhere in sight. A fair amount of ennui has built up and the golden charm of finally being able to spend time with your family is slowly wearing off.

While some have tapped into an innate rhythm to deal with, and enjoy, the solitude, others have made new schedules in their appointment books for house cleaning, chores, duties, and sharing of tasks. And yet, it is becoming increasingly harder to be kind and thoughtful at home. The walls feel like they’re closing on you? Here’s a few things you could do to improve your bonding and relationship within your family:


1. Recognition

Recognise the fact that you are together. We are unbelievably lucky to have a family system where few people have to live alone. Remember to be grateful for your support system, actual or virtual. Gratitude is a habit. Try these ways to cultivate it

2. Physical Activity

Physical activity builds a team spirit. Do something together with your family members. Fix a time to sit together, and choose something that resonate with you and your family. Play games, Learn to meditate, maybe? . yoga.

3. Golden Mealtimes

Mealtimes are sacrosanct. While for some people, the days at home can be stressful because they are overworked by the Work From Home diktat, others could be bereft of a job. Some others would have too much to do considering household chores and laundry are their KRA. But the mealtimes should be sacred. If everyone is home together, a set routine allows the household to run smoothly. It shows respect to the person, or mother, usually, who is trying to get everything done. And, it helps children emulate good family values. Eat together at the table. Not only will everyone eat everything that is made, but also, the generations will get to know each other better! 

4. 60-Minutes Break-Time

Pledge 60 minutes of gadget-free time, everyday. This is a no brainer. We are stuck to our devices at all times. TV, laptops, smartphones, tablets, everyone has one or two of these. A together-time, fixed, everyday, where no one touches their gadget, helps build family values and better connections.

5. Art Time

Make art. Art therapy is called therapy for a reason. The act of creating something activates endorphins. And the act of creating something together could be one of the best bonding exercises you could do. Not only does it trigger happy feelings, it turns your family into a team! Participating in these activities can help you recognize each other as people, rather than just a relative, a parent, or a child.

Among all these activities and exercises, the chief aim is to help bring your family together. IF you are living without your parents, try to include them on a video call. A joint yoga or meditations session, or having someone guide you on video-call while you and the kids cook, anything can be turned into together time. It’s important to value your bonds and to turn loneliness in these times into together times!!

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