Top 10 Tips to Write Amazing Blogs and Articles

Writing is a passion and a very abiding one I must say. They say some are born writers, I disagree and totally concur with the below quote from Octavia E. Butler

“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.”

More than the desire to write, its actually the persistence to re-write that makes you a good writer. Lets not go too much into the philosophy part now and start what you actually landed here for!

Following are some key tips for writing blogs and articles, totally out of experience, that will definitely up the writing graph for you. Most of them look obvious but are almost never followed. Just adopt these best practices in your writing and I am sure your blogs and articles will be a hit amidst the readers.

1. Perform a Thorough Research on the Subject

    • This is the most important one. While many of us do research in parallel, its always helps if we spend the same amount of  time researching before starting to actually write. 
    • This leads to a more confident write-up as we are virtually aware of the content we are going to put out. It also aids in laying down the facts right.
    • The contents of the article should be related to the title like travel bucket list, online interview tips etc. 

2. Always Write as a Reader

    • Try to envisage the post from the viewer’s perspective and what they would continue to read
    • This comes more from a logical standpoint. If we don’t enjoy what we are writing, how can we expect our readers to take pleasure while reading the same.
    • Always ensure that the we read our final article at least twice before moving forward to the larger audience. This will any day save you from reactions like, “Looks like the writer hasn’t read his own article”.

3. Make Sure to Write Catchy Keywords

    • Just add those quirky keywords like uber, clichè etc. These will make your article look edgy and modern.
    • Just open those free thesaurus websites and start looking for synonyms that add the weight. But remember that balance is the key and too much manifestation may lead to the write-up appearing difficult to comprehend.

4. Attempt to Include Expression in your Writing

    • This is one of my personal favorite Tips! Freely adopt a few exclamation marks, expression words and emojis in your blogs and articles.
    • Just understand the quick difference between the two similar sentences. Though they convey the same meaning, the first line is simple version, while the second is a combination of idea with emotions
        • “The movie was good.”
        • “The movie was quite interesting to watch!”

5. Include Related References 

    • Always include references in your post to allow users to dig deeper into any particular keyword if they wish to. This can also be internal links to your own website if you have already written about the same topic.
    • Make sure to include related references for the article preferably from renowned platforms like Wiki, BBC, CNN, Indian News Portals, Government Institutions etc.

6. Be Simple yet Interesting

    • Don’t go for too many jargon as these may make the post seem heavy and uninteresting. We have elaborated before that balance is the key.
    • Appear relevant to the audience and try to keep the article as close as possible to the title

7. Work Around Like a Story

    • Have a passive flow to the article enabling the reader to establish the course of writing.
    • Before writing, develop a blueprint of the the sections to be written. This helps in aligning and building a great story. If possible, add a conclusion section to your post. 

8. Ensure Sub-headings and Bullets Wherever Possible

    • This is another important aspect many writers overlook. Just don’t keep writing those long paragraphs in the flow. Its not that interesting from a reading perspective.
    • Always ensure that we try to make pointers wherever possible, like, headings and subheadings with bullet points. This makes the write-up look crisp and clear.

9. Not too long and Not too Short  

    • Length is they key. Recommended length is 300 to 500 words as beyond that the reader starts losing interest. In case the length is bypassing the recommended one, its highly advisable to split the article into two parts. 
    • Its equally important that the article should do the right justice to the title. Also don’t miss to change the title in case of splitting the articles as mentioned in point above.

10. Add those High Resolution Pictures Inline with the Content

    • We all know, pictures speak louder that words. And they actually do!!!
    • Just find non-copyrighted images and add wherever justified.
    • Make sure to never overdo. Recommended no of images per article is 2-5, though it totally varies upon perception.
    • Always use high resolution images as they won’t get distorted on the larger displays.

Just adopt the above tips for your blogs and articles and I am sure that your readers are going to wait for you to write the next one!!!

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