Amazon Prime Video: Four More Shots Please!! A Quirky Review

Well to begin with, I simply loved the casting of Four More Shots Please!

All the following key roles were just so well suited for portrayal of the characters. Like Sayani did a fab job at fearless journalism and Gurbani did complete justice to the LGBTQ characterization. 

To begin with the ‘Four More Shots Please’ review, the show was exciting to watch and keeps the audience glued, though initially it takes some time to establish the characters. It is an urban display of the life struggles of modern women and represents the same in a spotless manner. From the title track to background music to choice of shooting areas, all are well planned and suit the plot.

The best part…the dresses…they were just ultra modern and cool at the same time. Some of them will definitely get added in your shopping bucket list, especially the lingerie!

With the motto of ‘Live your life on your own terms’, this show is a must watch for all girls and women out there. Guys too, if they want to know what girls actually want!

The Good Things that Clicked  

    • The show brings out an open display of real world issues faced by women especially in their 20s
    •  Great emphasis on realization of the fact that women also deserve the right to freedom and enjoyment
    • The best part, everyone has flaws, accept and be happy with it. In short, being un-apologetically flawed is not a crime.
    • A nice break from the Hollywood Movies and the never evolving Indian TV shows as they continue to revolve around the saga of saas-bahu.
    • Kudos to the female bonding! If it works ,mostly it doesn’t, it’s like living in a dream. Trust me.

The Things that Made Little or No Sense

    • Many Situations shown are far from reality and quite un-relatable. 
    • The show illustrates women as alcohol and sex obsessed to show modernity
    • Its more like an Indian version of ‘Sex and the City’ and not quite close to the real Indian society
    • Concepts like Cam Girls leading to pron are being shown in a positive light 
    • Usually lives of urban women is a bit more busier and they don’t hangout or drink daily, especially if you are a career woman, like Anjana and Damini
    • The most important one – Drinking is the one-stop solution for all problems!
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